End of the month musings...

Monday, January 29, 2018

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Oh Lord really... How is it the end of January already?? It has been a really good month for me... reset, detox and all that jazz. I thoroughly enjoy the holidays but January is also becoming a favorite month of mine.

I am semi dreading the start up of Lacrosse for my little one. My weeknights will be full with practices again for both her and I (tennis) . I wonder if it might be worth it to team up with a neighborhood parent to share the weeknight carpooling duties? We've done this in the past but it generally results in a tit-for-tat situation (them not me) which I have zero patience for. Why do grown ass adults have to be like that?

Is it possible that what you eat can in fact make you feel like a totally different person? I am inclined to believe it is 100% possible. Which also leads me to another conclusion...

Maybe all of the fuss about gluten and the way our manufactured foods are processed is really fucking with multiple aspects of how we feel and function in daily life? I know people make fun of the gluten wackos but if the symptoms of sensitivity are really truly caused by gluten (and other stuff)... OMG... maybe what I always thought was just getting older and having an even more sensitive stomach is something else altogether.

I haven't been on a date since before the holidays. Wow... like 6 weeks. That is some kind of record for me. I have 2 current gap fillers that I sort of alternate weekends with when I feel so inclined. Neither one is relationship worthy though. I'm getting bored, may have to ramp up the Tinder again. Why are most available men so utterly disappointing?

Operation strip wallpaper is the worst damn idea I have had in awhile. Yuck. I am not a "let's just hit it hard and knock it out" kind of person so this could take awhile. I am currently stripping about 2-3 sections per week. At this rate I will be done by the end of February. I am ok with that. It's not coming off easy and the chemicals are gross. I hate this project.

I have been journaling every day in the new Whole30 companion book and I am surprised by how much I am liking it. Haven't journaled in forever. Might have to stick with this for awhile.

I cannot wait to get on the scale on Wednesday morning. Seriously I am dying to know how much weight I lost. I am trying to not focus too hard on the number but I hope it's a good bit. Two of my tennis pals yesterday were talking about how they recently dropped 20 pounds and I was like "oh hey I might have too but I won't know till Wednesday".

I have my entire Whole30 reintroduction planned out to start on Wednesday also. I am really stoked about this. My first add back in will be a glass of wine on Wednesday night and then most likely back to strict Whole30 for 2-3 days. Then we will see what's next. It's embarrassing that I have never taken the time to do this part of the program before, I think it is going to be really eye opening!

Hope everyone has a great Monday!


  1. Wallpaper is the devil.

    Eating bread I buy that is packaged to sit on store shelves for months versus bread I make that lasts a week tops leaves me with a totally different feeling.

  2. I dont even know how you are doing the wallpaper project. I refuse to pay someone else to do most things I am capable of doing. Like cutting my grass and cleaning my house. But removing wallpaper? That is a hard hell no.

    I should have bought the book and studied up on reintroduction this time around. It is my third time and I haven't done it properly either. I do plan to stay paleo more like 90% of the time after at least. And I worked out for the first time this morning in over a month. So there is that! I dont think I lost a ton, but my clothes are fitting better and I know the scale dropped down some. So I am happy for that! ONE MORE DAY!!!!!

  3. Ugh...when we renovated our upstairs bathroom a few years back, the wallpaper literally just peeled off the effort required. BUT...the tile? Whole other story. The mother fucker used liquid nails in lieu of grout for every. damn. tile.....THAT nearly made me lose my mind. It was exhausting to try and heat up the liquid nails with an orbital sander to "burn" it off....reno's can be the worst!

  4. i 100% believe that the food we eat has a direct impact on how we feel. and the way our food is processed these days (less actual food, more preservatives/chemicals etc) def has a long term impact that we never feel until our bodies are full-out have had enough and rejecting it.

  5. I strongly believe that what you eat directly effects how you feel. I start getting legit depressed if all I'm eating is junk. I mentally & emotionally start to feel myself disconnect.

    I haven't been on a date since the week after Thanksgiving. I downloaded Tinder & Bumble again and then got tired of all of the guys that can't hold a conversation, won't get in a conversation, or are just shitty people. So yesterday I deleted them both again.

  6. Lacrosse is so consuming . . . I know what you mean about dreading it a little. And all the head nods to your food thoughts - I've been watching some of those Netflix food documentaries and they are fascinating. I'm not a conspiracy theorist but for sure our food is different than when we grew up. The wallpaper must be a beast - thankfully I've never had any because painting is a pain in the ass too! Ha! Okay - ready for date and Whole 30 reintro updates!