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Friday, January 12, 2018

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Twelve days into the new year. How is everyone doing? Not gonna lie I feel pretty amazing now that I have cast aside all of my overindulgent holiday habits. Damn, I forgot how much better I feel when I am putting in the work, at least in the beginning when everything is shiny and new. So, just checking in with a few things of note...


Since everyone is doing a word of the year  and I have the Stage 4 FOMO I will not be left out. I really didn't have to give this one too much thought and it's not like I even planned it but it just sort of occurred to me thanks to Tinder. Yes, I actually learned something about myself and where I am in my mindset from Tinder of all places. A common question you get asked early on in the online dating process is "what are you looking for"? My answer to this a question used to be sort of  planned out... blah blah blah, good sense of humor, tall, play sports, non-smoker, likes music ... I used to always answer the question with traits I would like to see in someone else. Seems logical right? Over the past year I have spent a lot of time really asking myself that question and not in terms of a relationship just in terms of life in general. I have come to some conclusions and now when someone asks me on Tinder I might throw out a few character traits but I find myself saying "I want to live a simpler life"... overwhelmingly this is my answer. It's a process and it's not easy because it involves a lot of real and honest introspection but I have been and will continue to work toward that goal very intentionally. So, my word of the year...


Whole30 Round 4 is in full swing for me over here and I am loving it, mostly. I mean there are moments of anger and longing when I walk by my pretty wine glasses or think of a nacho mountain at the bar with my bestie but overall the positives way overshadow those moments. After eleven days my energy levels are way up during the day, I'm sleeping better and waking up is a whole lot easier. My digestive issues are GONE, I won't get too in depth here but trust me, what a relief. My beloved dairy is really not my friend. I don't really feel any smaller but I never really do until closer to the end so I am not concerned with weight loss. I totally get off on the structure of these 30 days. Best thing ever for me to get back on track.


So I lied. I said no more festivals. I was wrong, there will be more festivals because Sweetwater 420 Fest this year that's why. Bands that I love, bands that I have been unable to afford, bands that I am dying to see and a free place to stay in town for the weekend. I am so glad I took a chance and bought 1 lonely early bird ticket for myself last October for $89.

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So I guess this will be me in a few short months...

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This is just an observation really but I get a little sad when the holidays are over. It's such a let down when the parties and family time is over, lazy mornings give way to battling traffic and rushing around. But on the other hand I really like January. I love my annual Whole30 as you know but other than that January is just chill. The kids are starting a new semester so there are no major school things going on. Kids sports have not started yet. Winter tennis is just kicking off. Taking all of the Christmas crap down after a month makes me feel like I have a new house. And best of all everyone is hibernating. I don't really want to go out much at this time of year and it's so easy because there is nothing to do!I am spending 2/3 of this month in pajamas and slippers and it is absofuckinglutely glorious.


I am literally out of my mind with excitement to go meet Melissa Hartwig here in Atlanta this coming Monday night. The Whole30 book tour is coming and I am going. Am I the only one that gets totally starstruck by meeting a favorite author?? How ironic is it to get the meet the creator of Whole30 while actually doing a Whole30? I know... dork.

Have a fabulous weekend.


  1. Ahhhhhh I love that you get to see Melissa Hartwig!!! Too awesome that it is during Whole 30!! I know I am feeling pretty damn awesome right now. Dare I say near tiger blood???!!! I have the exact same feelings you do about being sad that the holidays are over and all that, but really happy that January is a clean slate of sorts and it is back to routine and clean house and all that. The Sweet Water festival sounds awesome, I know you are going to have the best time!

  2. I really like the idea of simplify. I need to do more of that in my life.

  3. Simplify is a great word and prompts a lot of thought about what we do, what we have, etc.

    Kudos on kicking ass on the whole 30!

  4. Thats an awesome word of the year. Also Im enjoying watching your whole 30 journey on insta