The silent treatment... better left unsaid.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I am going to have to come back to my thoughts on trust which I was going to write about next. Something is making me crazy today and more crazy means less wise. That something is... the silent treatment. Why do people think this is such a great, viable option for handling tough situations? Is there ever a good time to give someone the silent treatment say... if you think what you really want to say will hurt them. Is it better to leave it unsaid???

Part of my new reality is that I am taking a vow not to leave things unsaid. As I mentioned previously, and this goes along with the whole truth thing, my inability to speak my mind definitely played a major role in the demise of my marriage.

If you really think back do you heave more regrets over stupid things you said, or is it over the things you were too afraid to say? Not just in relationships but in life in general. I can think of soooo many things I wished I said when I had the chance. Most often the chance passes and you never get it again. This is a sobering thought. People die, move, come in and out of your life, you take a different job, graduate from school, whatever. We are constantly moving on, forward,  but away from people that will eventually become nothing more than a part of our past.

So FUCK the silent treatment!!!! I am not taking it anymore. Between cell phones, email, texts and skywriting  do you really think you can stop me anyway??? I think no... in fact you can not. You can silence yourself all you want, shove all that crap your feeling down deep and bury it. I see it's eating you alive, it's palpable. Or... here's a novel idea... talk about it. I am willing to risk the hurt, the pain of whatever the response might be to know that I said what I needed to say. Life is so short and I don't want any more instances to go by where I can say "I so wish I would have told him/her that when I had the chance." That is an awful feeling... trust me that chance rarely comes again.

I will never give anyone the silent treatment again. Or let them give it to me. I have a voice. I will speak.

The other thing that bugs me so much about it, especially today, right now, is that its just so God damned rude! I guess that's the point though sometimes.

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