2nd Marriage Stats... Depressing....

Friday, June 15, 2012

So just out of curiosity I googled the divorce rate for 2nd marriage... 67%. Wow!!!! My best friend is currently going thru her 3rd divorce. I think the 3rd was like 75% or something equally awful. I am only going thru my first but I am seriously wondering if it is really worth ever doing this again. I love being married, I'll just say it, love all things wifely. But those are some pretty crappy odds when you get right down to it. I have another friend who is about to pop the question to his girl and head down the second marriage road. His relationship is far from perfect and I think he's nuts, but he's lonely and determined not to break this girls heart... they've been together for 2 years off and on... he thinks it's the right thing to do. AHHHHHHHH!!!!!

What is wrong with everyone??? Is everyone really that lonely that they are willing to go down that road again and again. I don't know if I ever will. I love being married, but it's a whole lotta work and a complete shitshow when it's not working! I want to believe but it can't just be my friends that are making bad decisions. I am still in divorce hell waiting for my soon to be ex-numb-nuts to sign his portion of the papers. I can imagine being married again and it being wonderful. What I can't imagine is living thru the hell of divorce again... and it seems the more often you marry the more likely you are to get divorced. When you put it that way it actually makes perfect sense. Still completely depressing.

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