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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

little pumpkins:

So I missed the actual Currently link up because I was in South Carolina last week working and then being evacuated on Wednesday afternoon. The governor basically said get out if  you live here and if you don't get the HELL out faster. I didn't see any hurricane just horrendous traffic. It is finally fall here though. The temps have broken and the nights are cool. I am officially adding a layer to my bed tonight since I have been waking up cold with just my summer blankets. Work is killing me which is why I never seem to find blogging time anymore. I am putting in long days and as I said earlier, travelling a little bit which is a new challenge for me as a single Mom. But we are managing just fine even if Mom is a wee bit exhausted every day. All good stuff. So let's get to the other good stuff, Currently I am...


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I am all about the pumpkin beers right now and I have to recommend the Headless Horseman... a classic Black and Tan with Pumking and Choklat (layered) by Southern Tier. I think it's like 12% ABV so you have been warned!


My thoughts on what in the actual fuck I will do if I come face to face with a creepy clown. #IfISeeAClown My tentative plan is just to yell "you're gonna die clown". Fight fire with fire right? I mean I'll probably run away but you know. Seriously, my 10 year old has requested a ride along on Halloween night. Thanks creepy clown asshats for ruining my Halloween drinking plans and forcing me to hang out with a bunch of 10 year olds. Just kidding. Sort of.

evil clown in a dark forest in a white veil


Of the Holidays. Sorry, my football season is in the toilet. Time for me to start planning my Friendsgiving before I go home to Michigan for the actual holidays! Has anyone ever done a "Friendsgiving" kind of pot-luck? I need ideas to make it super easy and lots of fun! I think I may even send out real paper invitations... old school! Tiny Prints let's you set up a site of your own where people can RSVP online, so the charm of a real invitation with a way to track it all like an evite! How cute are these?

And if this could be my table that'd be great...

Include blankets at your outdoor Thanksgiving supper.:


Booties. With the cut outs. I am a lover of Steve Madden and this trend is oh so comfy and cool. If your feet get hot and you hate socks this is the style for you.Perfect for fall in the south. I am on my second pair now... these. I already have these and have been wearing them to death. Love and soooo comfy!!


Ok somehow my 10 year old turned me on to Melanie Martinez... hopefully she hasn't heard this song. But I really am digging her voice especially on this track.


  1. I don't get it with the whole clown thing. It's become kinda crazy. Hopefully the trend dies down soon. Friendsgivings are always fun.

  2. The clown thing is so ridiculous . . . thankfully no one is losing sleep over here but parents are saying their kids won't even sleep in their own rooms - crazy! Glad work is going well . . . it sucks and rocks to be busy - makes the days go by faster I guess! Miss seeing your posts . . . but I can't find the time to post so I get it! Take care girl!

  3. Girl you need to warn a bitch before you post scary clown pics! i swear, if I see a creepy clown near me or my family, i will legit muay thai them in the face.

  4. Ahhhh clowns!!! They creep me the fuck out! *shudders* I love Southern Tier. They have so many great flavored beers and Pumpking and Creme Brulee seem to be the two that I remember most. Good luck with your friendsgiving! My sister used Tiny Prints and their RSVP site for my baby shower.

  5. I had a caramel in my mouth & about spit it out when I read the clown thing. Seriously...what's with the clowns??

  6. Frowns for clowns is like my life slogan. I always hated them and now this is enough.