Weekending - October Is Over!

Monday, October 31, 2016

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Happy Halloween! I hope everyone has a fabulous day and night ahead. We had a super fun weekend of all things Halloween and fall. Unfortunately it was in the 80's and sunny here  and felt more like May than October. I can not wait to have a fire in my fire pit, maybe by Christmastime. The weekend was a good one though. I really didn't do much but hang with the kids and just do stuff around the house. Friday night I snuck off to have a little quality time at the at the tattoo shop. I'll update with a pic after it heals but I got a sweet kind of mehndi, ornamental piece on my left thigh. It's amazing and it hurts like a mother at the moment.  Saturday we carved pumpkins, toasted pumpkin seeds and made pumpkin spice muffins. Because you really can't have too many pumpkin things. Saturday night we had a big football game to watch that didn't quite go our way but we made nachos and the best of it. Sunday was Ava's last Lacrosse game before her big tournament next weekend. The season flew by and I am happy to say she has finally found her sport I think and she's really good at it for a beginner! A stop for ice cream was necessary to round out the weekend before coming home to meal prep. Pumpkin Pie ice cream of course. Oh and I got my hair done again... it faded so quickly last time to a lovely shade of orange so we are attempting to get back to more of a red ombre. All in all a lovely weekend, I am actually really enjoying just not going out as much lately. It is a much needed break and a welcome change of pace. Just a few snaps...

Stay safe! 


  1. Whoa on the tattoo - that's a big one! Bet it hurt like a mother! It's cool though! Love Ava and her lacrosse - such a fun sport! You hair has gotten so long - looks cool!

  2. I can't wait to see the tattoo!!

  3. Nachos, pumpkin seeds and pumpkin pie ice cream sound like my jam!!! I enjoy my weekends more and more when they are more low key like this. Can't wait to see your tattoo!

  4. yay for new tattoos! it was super warm this past weekend but i loved it hahaha.

  5. Pumpkin everything is my favorite thing about this season, especially pumpkin pie ice cream. And low key weekends at home are always welcome. Excited to see the tattoo!

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