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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

So this last week went by in a blur but a much better blur than the one before. I wasn't here at all so let me catch you up on a little of what I'v been up to. I keep thinking somehow I am going to find more time to blog but then I never seem to lately.  Work is good if you like an insane pace, not enough hours in the day and a never ending long list of things to do. Oh and driving, it's great if you like driving all over Atlanta all the live long day to meetings at which more work is created. It struck me the other day that after 2 years of feeling ok on Sunday I am back to having those pangs of dread throughout the day knowing that Monday is fast approaching. I never felt that way in my last job. I wouldn't say I loved every minute of it but more often than not I did. Right now I still feel like the new kid, unsure of what all I am supposed to be doing, making too many mistakes and feeling a bit like the work load is enough for more than one of me.  It actually is and my bosses boss knows that and is planning on hiring a few more folks for our group but until then... this is pretty much my thought process on Sundays.

Part of the reason I am feeling dreadful and overwhelmed is because I am also perpetually pissed off because my ass-hat ex douche-bag is still MIA. For a freaking month now. What in the world did I do to the universe? I am currently on Mom duty 24/7/365 and I know, they are my babies but Lord I am tired and I miss my every other weekends of sleep and no kids around. I need to get away and the other sad fact is that the only getaway on the horizon is a 12 hour road trip to MI for T-Day to visit family which is turning out to be drama before we even get there. Oh let the joy of the holidays begin!

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So what do I do when I am feeling anxious, tired, pissy and full of dread? Buy things of course, because we all know when life gives you lemons you must shop for limes, apples, bananas, pears and oranges to complete your fruit bowl. Insert plug for Amazon Prime here because there is nothing like instant gratification to make me feel better about life in general, also feeling like I am saving time and money while I am actually spending it is good too. I should be saving I guess but given recent significant losses I am taking more of the enjoy it while I'm here approach to life, and shopping. So here are a few of my most recent purchases..

A new work bag from Graceship. My old one was black, boring and like a big garbage bin in which I could never find a thing. This one is a beautiful neutral camel, super soft yet structured. My old tote was constantly falling over which is not only annoying but makes you look like a mess at all those meetings. If you are in need of a great new bag check them out and get $25 off your purchase with my code. Click here.

London Women's Laptop Bag - GRACESHIP Laptop Bags for Women
 - 1

Look at all of that beautiful organization...ahhhhhh

I also jumped on the bandwagon and decided to order the new Echo Dot from Amazon. I have been wanting a speaker for the kitchen/lower level of my house and so I figured why not try Alexa and see what it's all about. I will very likely be working more from home after the first of the year and I think I will get a lot of use out of it. I will have to let you guys know after I have a chance to really use it. Does anyone have one? Love to hear your thoughts!

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One last one... Do you guys know about The Giving Keys? Check this company out. They sell jewelry made of keys engraved with meaningful words on them. The idea is you wear your word for awhile and embrace it, until you find someone that needs it more than you do and then you pass it on and pay it forward. I got "Let Go" even though I have it tattooed on myself, it bears repeating for me and something I struggle with, the letting go of things I shouldn't be holding onto.They employ people transitioning out of homelessness. Go read their story and get a key.

Fall weather is finally here (at night) and I had to turn on the heat just briefly last weekend to get the chill out of the house. It was heavenly to sleep in a cold room under heavy blankets this weekend. I am desperately trying to eat better and play more tennis. My two fall team seasons are about over and I signed up for a winter women's team and 6 weeks of coaching with a pro. I need it, it's a huge stress reliever for me. I am trying not to beat myself up too badly about the yo yo diet life style I have been on for the last couple of months but I am really disappointed that I have allowed myself to go so far off track again. Good news is it is the easiest thing to fix and also gives me pretty immediate gratification. I have been staying home more to avoid eating and drinking out anymore than necessary and also to save money... haha... see how well that is working.

Anyway I just wanted to stop by and say Hi! Hope everyone has a great week!


  1. oh bummer :( i hate that dreading sunday feeling. i hope as you feel more confident at work, that feeling goes away. i never particularly *want* to go to work on monday, but i don't hardcore dread sundays like i have at previous jobs. i'm sorry your ex is still MIA. what the hell? i had to lol at your fruit bowl analogy, so true. that bag is gorgeous and i need it.

  2. Ahhh I love the idea of the giving key necklace!! I totally buy stuff when I am stressing too. That work bag is so cute. My husband was obsessed with the Echo when it came out. It is pretty funny because Alexa will randomly talk in our house and it scares the shit out of me. I do enjoy asking her what the weather is supposed to be and stuff instead of having to look it up on my phone.

    I hope that your ex gets his life together and grows up and comes back for your kids sake. That has to be a hard one to explain.

  3. Those key necklaces sound awesome! I love the concept & they look great.

  4. There's a girl at church that introduced me to The Giving Keys. She's given a couple of the necklaces away. I think it's a great company concept. Hope your job gets better.

  5. Girl, I wish you peace . . . I hope your job lightens up and you feel better about the work load and learning curve soon! Love the key necklaces . . . what a lovely concept!

  6. Man, your ex makes me mad. I love that bag!

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