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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

johnny and june, 1967 • baron wolman:

So I am technically a day late for this link up but you know, I was busy hanging out in Statesboro, GA with all the cool college kids at GA Southern University. I mean they were there and I was there but technically honestly we were not hanging out like at all. I probably had more meaningful contact with the ginormous cockroach in the bathroom of my lovely room at the Comfort Inn don't stay there than I had with any of the cool kids. I pretty much killed it... the cockroach I mean. Seriously, I need to hone my small town hotel picking skills ya'll. It looked decent in the pics. Anyway, more on that later but for now a quickie link up with Anne In Residence and Erin for the monthly Currently roundup.


Oh where do I even start with this one. After the sobering experience of taking my daughter to college freshman orientation last weekend I guess I am planning life as a parent of a child who is away at college. Looking ahead at my calendar to things like "move in day" and "parents weekend" has got me scratching my head wondering how in fact I got here. I swear 5 minutes ago she was sitting in her little rocking chair watching Toy Story 2 and crying because Jessie's owner didn't want her anymore. I never believed my Mom when she told me how fast it would go.


I could buy tickets to all of the concerts I want to go to this summer. I have become live music obsessed and I also wish I could meet someone who was as passionate about it as I am so I could have a concert pal. Current obsession... Gary Clark Jr.... more blues rock.


That it's a lot easier to let go of stuff lately than I thought it would be. I have been donating lots and lots of "stuff and things" that I used to think I wanted to keep forever. Letting go of things recently has made me really think about of how little value they are to me. Less actual stuff in my world is actually making me so much happier and calmer on the inside. Who knew decluttering your physical space could also declutter your soul a lil bit.


Kendra Scott... not gonna lie. Spending freeze has got me like... oooooh earrings, necklaces, rings oh my. These might be my birthday gift to me. I am hoping they will just magically show up here one day though honestly.


To be pulling my hair out in just a few short days as  family descends and the graduation party actually happens in just a little more than a week. My house is not ready, I have so much cooking to do and still a ton to plan. I am flying by the seat of my pants like never before. This could be the worst party ever or maybe the very best, I'm not stressing over it. Whatever will be will be will be and the most important thing is being together and celebrating life. Somebody remind me of that in about 5 days please! I am going to Costco on Friday and I plan to buy a lot of bacon, wine, cheese, chips, salsa, beer and chocolate. It's gonna be epic.

That's currently what's up.


  1. Time goes by fast; even faster when you have kids. I can't believe your daughter is off to college soon!!!!!! kayla is turning 9 this month and i still feel like she's 2 :(

  2. All of those things from Costco should automatically make for a great party, in my opinion. Hope you have fun!

  3. Decluttering is very mental for me, as much as it is about physical space.

  4. College. AHHHH stop it I cant even think about that!!! It is seriously crazy how fast time goes. Move in day is going to be bittersweet I am sure! Good luck with the party, I am sure it will turn out just fine. And most definitely get those earrings, you deserve them! I am obsessed with the KS necklace I own and have my eyes on a few other pieces.

  5. You'll make it through! I think I stayed at that Comfort Inn too and it was awful! No roaches, just kinda dirty/smelly.