Thursday Confessional

Thursday, June 15, 2017

So....I got hit on by an old dude at Dunkin Donuts this week, like grandpa retirement age old. I stopped to pick up 2 boxes of coffee and a couple dozen donuts for an early meeting Tuesday without preordering and had to wait for them to brew fresh coffee ... my mistake. You know how you can feel someone staring at the back of you just instinctively? Yeah, as I was waiting for my order I could feel that, and then Gramps spoke. Best line ever... "where's the party". I about died laughing thinking dude, my kinda party does not consist of  shitty donuts and 2 boxes of Joe. But nice try. We chatted for a few minutes while I waited and I think I made his day. Pretty sure I saw him doing a little happy dance when I was driving away. I love old people.

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My upstairs A/C has officially broken. My repair guy told me last summer that adding Freon was just a temporary fix and now the worst has come to pass. Faaaaaack... the part is $1085 plus the cost of refrigerant. College tuition is due Aug. 14th also so guess who is going to be having a long hot summer?

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Since I can no longer afford to go out, except for work purposes, it sure as shit is convenient that I am currently living in crappy t-shirts and Old Navy boxer short PJ's. I feel slightly loser-ish when I come home from work and just put pajamas on but all I am going to do is maybe make/order dinner, work some more, clean/purge another area of my home, possibly blog or do social media things or watch Netflix. None of which require real pants so.... These are my current faves because I am mad about the big leaf print currently happening everywhere.

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I have been so unmotivated to go out lately, which is not like me at all. I am in full on hibernation mode in an attempt to save some money. It's kind of depressing on the one hand but on the other hand it's so much less effort and going to bed at 9 is kind of awesome. But...If I start drinking cardbordeaux by the end of the summer somebody come get me out.

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The Purge continues... I gave away a couple of big toy/kid items on my neighborhood Facebook site this weekend. I listed the pics and within 30 minutes a neighbor came to my house and took them off my hands. It was glorious! I also took car load number 8 to Goodwill on Monday. I am so proud of myself. The little old man who works there has this distinct "oh not you again" look when I walk in all chirpy with my crap but secretly I think he's happy to see me.

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This weekend is my daughter's party and my fam is coming from Michigan to help us celebrate. I should be cleaning something right now but meh... it will all get done. I had originally planned  a menu, cake and all of that myself. After some thought I decided to just let her kind of decide everything, pick her favorite things that I make... whether it "goes together" or not. So we shall see what we end up with, I am sure it will all be amazing! I am most excited about the cake she chose. Could you die?

I can't wait. 


  1. why not try and sell some of the items you're going to donate and make a little extra cash? i have been living in my pjs since work fuckoff time started and it's glorious.

  2. That cake looks aaaaamazing. It seems like everyone's AC has broken in the past two weeks, it's like an epidemic!

  3. Oh wow, that cake looks divine! I've been going through a donation phase too.

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