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Summer Goals Check - Autumn Goals In The Que

Wednesday, September 28, 2016
Our Favorite Inspirational Quotes Collection:

So Summer is over and it's time for me to see what all I got accomplished on the goal list I set forth here. I actually am going to pat myself on the back because I did pretty good on most of these and I actually surprised myself! One of my favorite side effects, if you will, of blogging is that it keeps me accountable. When I say on the blog that  I am going to do something and I don't follow through I fear that you all will think I am a fraud. So let's run down the list and see just how legit I am...

Meal Prep - FAIL I mean let's be honest, I was unemployed for 6 weeks of the summer so it really was not necessary. The rest of the time I just didn't wanna. I am doing better with it now though, officially prepped lunches this week!

Stay On Top Of The Mail - PASS - Not super awesome but until I went back to work it was on like Donkey Kong. Now my kitchen looks like the mail bomb exploded into stacks again. Oh well, baby steps. I look forward to colder weather so I can just burn that stuff up!

Purge Clothing - FAIL - I made one trip to Goodwill. One. I do however have a huge and ever growing pile in my room just waiting to be donated. It's really just a matter of loading up the car and doing it so maybe this is not really a fail?

Ok, here's where things really start to turn around. The fun goals...

Read A Book On My Nightstand - PASS - I finished a book. And started 2 more. Now, for all of you voracious readers just give me a high five with a side eye. I am trying to get back into reading at night but I am tired dammit and I fall asleep a lot. But I have to say, I now look forward to however many pages I can get in every night so it's becoming a habit and to me that is success!

Brunch (somewhere new in town) PASS - And.. I actually went to where I said I was going to go and it was totally by coincidence. I tried Folk Art  this summer and it was off the chain. I had Folk Southern Fried ... Fried Chicken, Fried Egg, Biscuits and gravy. OMG. Definitely going back but in the fall or winter because it's in a super old building and there's no A/C. Definitely a negative for a hungover August brunch in Atlanta. Still worth it.

Image result for folk art atlanta

Take the kids to a BRAVES game or on a day trip. FAIL - But look here... I was unemployed so I get nervous about planning trips. And honestly they didn't seem to care about a baseball game so I said screw it. However, I am going to the Braves vs. Tigers this Saturday with a friend so I will get to see the Braves play their last home stand at Turner Field before they move to the new stadium in the spring of 2017. And Detroit Tigers baseball because that's my home team!

Make Reservations at Gunshow. - PASS-FAIL-PASS - So... I made the reservations and cancelled them because my friends can be super lame. My birthday this year was really not great. I get depressed about planning it myself. I know, boo fucking hoo, but seriously it would be nice one day to have someone else just know me well enough to plan the perfect night for me, but I digress. Reservations re-booked for Oct. 22. Going alone if I have to. #DGAF Who knew it would be so hard to get a reservation for God's sake?

Blog 3x A Week - MEH I started off really strong with this and then I just failed. What I learned is that I am over the link ups, the schedule, the usual topics on usual days. I am trying to find a new rhythm but maybe my new rhythm just needs to be like the drunk uncle at a white wedding... no rhythm.

New Thing - PASS - I went to a music festival (Music Midtown) for an entire weekend. I have been before but this was the first time I got a hotel and did the 2 day event in the rain and mud. It was a lot of fun but exhausting coupled with a separate concert the night before. You can read all about it here. But, done... check it off the list Grandma!

I am currently working on the Fall goals list or at least thinking about them for another post. But I am proud that I checked a few things off this go around and made some pretty awesome memories in the process!


Friday Thangs... Favorites & Stuff

Friday, September 23, 2016
It's finally Fri-YAY! What plans do you have this weekend?:

Oh my, it's Friday and next week is Fall Break for my kids... FALL BREAK I SAID. How in the world did it get to officially be fall already? We are going to blink and this year will be over but before that happens we have a whole lot of fun fall and winter things left to do and I can't wait. It was like 90 here yesterday on the first day of fall... I am waiting Mother Nature, you can stop now. I had a great week for the most part and the best part is I have zero plans this weekend except to play tennis twice. I get to sleep, maybe take in a Fall festival, watch football and chill with my kiddoes. Oh and Maybe some shopping too because it seems like everyone is having a sale, or is it just me?

Haven't done any favorites in awhile so here goes nothing...


Five Minute Million Dollar Dip seems like the perfect food to me. Bacon, cheese, short on time and big on taste. 5 ingredients, just add Ritz crackers. Making this over the weekend and hopefully not eating it all myself.Original pin here.



My obsession with lace and all things Anthropologie continues. I'm gonna have to wait a minute till this goes on sale but I will have it as soon as it hits the first markdown. Perfect top for Fall and Winter in the South. Love. Find it here.


I live in athletic shoes when I am not working and they have become a bit of an obsession. Just picked these up cause they were on sale so like, I had to. And also I don't have black and pink and grey high tops so...Adidas Extaball. Super comfy too.

adidas - Extaball Shoes Core Black AQ4798


I am desperately trying to find an amazing bag for work that can fit everything in it. I carry a boatload of stuff and I am out of the office as much if not more than I am in it. Does anyone have a favorite? I am not a backpack girl. I usually carry a laptop, shoes, my lunch/snacks/water and all the other stuff you need for meetings, etc. and I like things to be separated on the inside like this one here. If you have one you love please tell me!! I can't decide.

Pockets designed to take the day with you. Travel with your laptop, tablet and phone in a perfectly packed tote.:


I love all things pumpkin and paleo. This weekend I have scheduled some serious meal prep so that I can really be on track next week... with the exception of maybe one sweet fall treat because these Pumpkin Magic Bars from my fave paleOMG look too amazing. I must make them and I just happen to have all of the ingredients in my pantry except organic pumpkin puree. I mean really, who doesn't love a magic bar?


I recently took a few online surveys and instead of asking what my gender was they asked what gender I identify "most closely with" and also there was an option for "I identify with none of the above". What the fuck is going on?

Displaying d7c161e69e3790fee6549d307151f656396809b0b71b20dfb2c519a9fad07ea9_1.gif

I love a guy with a sense of humour but really, this made me laugh. 

Displaying 27cb6d348e9bb82bde436d4080b18919c1dec46921eec899326c4e31914fc862_1.jpg

So needy...

Displaying 0727520e1c8a0bc2dc1a0e208afb7c19772ae9a9d7d1ea18fc53324a381cb995_1.jpg

I bet this bird is like 40 something.

Displaying 53a37a6e9a28c328c4d7a65ef26cfd87a587463a536bfbb528f28ff39fc7ef43_1.gif

How I really feel about not having to set an alarm Saturday or Sunday.

The Bachelor Australia bed sleepy bed bed bed bed bed the bachelor

So remember how I said I wasn't going out this weekend at the beginning of this post? Someone just texted me and asked me to go to a beer fest at the Terrapin Brewery tomorrow. Ummmmm.... crrrrap

Suits sigh donna paulsen suits usa sarah rafferty

When another one of my single friends announces they have met the love of their life.

E! amy schumer ooh e news

And they keep telling me how amazing said significant other is, not like the rest. 

Election 2016 hillary clinton judging you between two ferns funny or die

And I am just over here like yeah, uh huh...

GIPHY Studios Originals brad pitt angelina jolie faye orlove brangelina

Good Luck with that...

no nope bounce

Happy Weekend. Bye.

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Weekending - I Survived

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

I was actually really worried when I had Widespread Panic tickets already purchased months ago and then they announced the Music Midtown lineup and dates and I thought... Fuck. This may not end well at all. I was wrong. it ended very well actually, all things considered. But I will admit that I need a few weeks off to recuperate. No I'm serious, I am going to lay low and save money, dine in, drink less, do Mom things... for real. Unless my ex decides to take the kids for some part of fall break next week, then all bets are off because, NO KIDS. 

So to recap... Widespread Panic (with Umphrey's McGee opening up) on Friday night. I have not seen them in many, many years and man... I'm sorry that it's been so long. They killed it. Yes, they are old but oh do they love what they do. If you are a jam band fan... Grateful Dead, Allman Brothers, Phish, Dave Matthews ... just make sure you go see WP once or twice and dance all night long. It's happy hippie music and a super chill crowd. A little smoky, but we had so much fun!! I though I was going to really regret doing a friday night concert on a festival weekend but NFW. #worthit

Image result for widespread panic 2016  verizon

Moving on... we got a late start on Saturday, big surprise. Me and my main gals, we all have one thing in common, we take our damn time gettin where we are gettin to. We asked for an early check in at the Grand Hyatt. Totally not necessary. We did eventually get there though and Ubered up to the festival where we proceeded to see some amazing artists and some of the most awesomely insane fashion I have witnessed since the 80's. All I can say is ... high waisted shorts ladies. The most hideous and unflattering trend to ever make it's way back around. Sorry millenials, you are wrong on many things and this one is huge. But I wore Girbaud jeans so who am I to judge. But anyway here's a little of what we saw...

Big Boi...

Big Boi_Chris McKay.JPG
Collegrove aka Lil Wayne and 2Chainz...

Collegrove-4_Chris McKay.JPG

We also caught DNCE, Logic, Lucius, Leon Bridges and G-Eazy before the main event. Twenty One PilOts... see I tried to strike thru the lettering to make it cool like they do. Yeah, sorry. Anyway, I luh them. They put on the best show ever and we were in old lady fan girl heaven jumping around with humans we could have given birth to. And nobody cared how old we were. It was awesome. Go see them! I mean, I don't really get the masks, it was like a bazillion percent humidity in Atlanta on Saturday night  and I just kept thinking they must be so freaking hot and sweaty for their art but whatever... go see them anyway.


Speaking of a bazillion percent humidity, down came the rain on Sunday and this is what the poncho herd looked like. Misery. After we realized that black out shades really do work in 4 star hotels we got to brunch about 2 and well, basically camped out at the Nook for a few hours making new friends and Mrs. Robinson-ing bartenders, maybe. Not really but possibly a little.


Sunday the rain was really bad, like Amy doesn't do that kind of rain bad. Walking in the park through mud that pulls your shoes off when you're trying to look a little bit cute is annoying. Rain that slows to mist then pours buckets on your head while you're trying like hell to get a shot of Jack Fire so you can make being huddled up with sweaty strangers under the ATM tent more bearable is really a bitch. Did I mention it hasn't rained here in weeks???

I went as long as I could but I bailed early because I have seen The Killers before. I also missed Alabama Shakes and Miss Hot Mess herself Ke$ha but oh well. On Sunday we did see a few bands in between the park getting evacuated once for lightening. Evacuating 10's of thousands of people from a mud pit, super fun. I was in the bar, but then we finished up and saw Group Love, James Bay and Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats... they were really amazing by the way. Heard the Lumineers but just couldn't get there.

All in all it was a great weekend. Will I do it again? Maybe, in a year after I sleep some. 


The One Where I Blinked and A Year Went By

Wednesday, September 14, 2016
- Slow Down - time goes by fast:

Or maybe it was a month or a week or a day, I can't even be sure. Birthdays always make me get nostalgic and a little wishy washy to be honest. I miss being with my family even though I have been so far away for such a very long time. Birthday's really make me stop and think about what the last year has brought to me personally. How have I changed? What have I accomplished? Is my life better? Did I make the most of my time? So of course over the course of the last week all of those thoughts have been running thru my tiny brain. And I am satisfied with the answers for the most part. I just wish it would slow down!!! The thing I probably fear the most is that I'm wasting time because as we all know, there is this one day around my birthday every year that is the ultimate reminder of how quickly life can change. We must never forget that.

I have been really struggling with trying to find time to do some of the things that I love the most here lately. Blogging has suffered since the start of the new job but it's a whole new world for me and a totally different pace and level of responsibility. I LOVE it but I am wore slap out on the weeknights which makes me less inclined to write and more inclined to watch Netflix, Prime or read books. By the way is anyone watching One Mississippi? Cause totally hooked... watch it so we can talk about it.

Image result for one mississippi amazon

I need to start exercising to get my energy level back up. I am getting up at 5 everyday and I really haven't adjusted my bed time. That's a real problem because with every passing year I feel it's harder and harder to function on 5 or so hours of sleep. But that has been my pattern for my entire life except when I was preggo then it was lights out old lady early. So tennis is starting back up and I will be playing more which will help, I just need to figure out when exactly.

The other thing I am really struggling with is making time for food and meal prep. Like really struggling. I am embarrassed to say I one hundred percent need a reset and I can't even figure out how to fit that in because... work, kids, social life, FOMO, you know me. Why can I not fucking stick to my Whole30 ways when the tiniest little thing like losing my job happens and I go hurtling myself off the deep end into a pile of pizza and a vat of wine? Huh??? But, I have had some freaking amazing food and drinks at killer restaurants here lately so ... no ragrets. Maybe a few but just look at the pics...  Oh and I have been going out to all sorts of cool places, even before my birthday rolled around so yeah... living. And although I am definitely off track, not beating myself up. It is what it is.The track comes back around.

So it's been a good year all in all. I have had some really good times, minor heartaches, great success, big disappointments and a few life changing twists and turns, the good kind though. Cheers to another one... and another one. DJ Khaled always makes me feel good, what is it about him?

Soooo I  just wanted to check in and see what was up with everyone. Actually I have been reading all of your posts just being a lurker. I'm sorry, I know it's lame and not very bloggerly. Hopefully I can slow down and actually get back here a little more very soon! Till then... Cheers!

Currently... September

Wednesday, September 7, 2016
My favorite seasonal quote is the one from The Great Gatsby below, “life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.” While autumn doesn’t officially start until next week, it has gotten crisp in New York. Not only is everyone happy to no longer be sweating but they are also happy to […]:

And just like that it's September and the mornings are getting cooler! My birthday is tomorrow. College football is in full swing, GO SEMINOLES. I already bought some Pumpkin Spice Toll House cookies and Pumpkin beer. I know... weird combo but oddly both really good. I am slammed with life in general but I love a good currently post so let's do this...


I am sure I am the last person on earth to read this book but I really need to purge more mindfully. I have been doing a really good job of purging the obvious things like papers, things that are not in use or broken, old crap... but it's time for me to be more honest about some of my possessions and the way I really feel about them. When you go through a divorce you end up with so much stuff that has baggage of it's own if you get what I'm saying. So I am trying this out. Will report back.


To remember to be more present in the moment because everything seems to change so quickly. I have had some major people disappointments recently and still after all of these years I don't get why people do the things they do. And how quickly someone can become a complete stranger.

Yea it going to be different to go from being best friends to strangers and back to friends and lovers but I know we fall back into a grove the moment I'm with ya cause I luvs ya ANB:


That I get a reservation at Gunshow for my birthday soon. I'm on the waitlist for all of my first choice dates and times. How was I supposed to know I should have booked my September birthday dinner in July? And I am also hoping that Kevin Gillespie is actually there cooking the night that I finally get to go! Because beard and tattoos ya know.

Image result for kevin gillespie gunshow


Nothing because I am paralyzed with fear over actually starting on the 2 things I want to do the most... strip wall paper and paint. It's just so much woooooork... and I don't wanna. Once you strip off a piece of wall paper there is no turning back. I want to pay someone because I have zero patience and also a bit low on time. So I am going to get some quotes and then decide.


Since summer is pretty much over I am really working hard on crossing the things off my summer goal list I talked about in this post. Shit, shit, shit. Where did the time go??? I actually am crossing a few off though so I am kind of proud. I mean let's be real... I didn't make them hard things.  I'll be talking more about that in a few weeks for sure. Realistic goals are easy to achieve. Baby steps sometimes!

Feeling a quiet weekend?:

What do you have going on currently?

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Oh Hey Friday

Friday, September 2, 2016

Cheers to the 3 day weekend and to the kick off of football season. Hell yeah!!! I cannot believe I have 2 weeks back to work already down. It's been really great too. I am so excited to enjoy the holiday with friends and family, watch football, get out in the world a little, shop, brunch for sure, day drink and stay home and laze around a little. I don't even really have anything planned. I have a couple of potential dates asking for my time but as usual I am 100% non committal. Meh... lately I prefer the pleasure of my own company.  I am just going to wing it. Doesn't that sound awesome? linking up with Karli and Amy for Oh Hey Friday and 5 things to share with you today. I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!


Ummm yeah... Parmesan Roasted Cauliflower from Bon Appetit. I am kind of tired of cauliflower rice so I gave this one a try and it was a solid hit and super simple. 6 ingredients, throw it all on a baking pan, toss it and roast it. Boom, delicious and healthy! It's a must try!


One of the things I really want to do after I get a few paychecks under my belt is freshen up my house a little. I have so much dark and I want light. I feel like if I was going to make an inspiration board this room would  be on it. I want cool greys, muted, light, mirrors and metallics. Maybe even a pink-ish couch because I do what I want. 


Did I ever tell you guys the story about how my ass hat ex husband threw out my best and most favorite pair of suede peep toe booties years ago? Yeah, he thought they were garbage because I accidentally took them off  and left them on the floor next to the trash can. #stillbitter These are very similar and I think might be the perfect replacement. 

Winny Peep Toe Booties


I love me some Britt and her new song is sooo sexy. Check her out with my current huge white boy rap God man crush who I will be seeing in 2 weeks, G-Eazy at the VMA's the other day. A little slutty but that's Britney. She looks really good for a hot mess.


So the week I got my job offer was really good because I also got a coffee pot fo free from Influenster in exchange for my esteemed opinion and review. Perfect timing because my old one sucked and the timer was broken. And when you are working you need the timer to kick on and coffee ready every morning. So I now have the OXO On 9 Cup Coffee Maker and I freaking love it. I like strong coffee and this brews a hell of a good cup. It also has the thermal carafe so if you drink coffee all day like me or at least for several hours on the weekends it stays hot. It's sleek and pretty and brews quickly which was also a negative on my old one... slow as molasses. I want it when I want it. Highly recommend if you are in the market for a new coffee maker! Thanks Influenster!!

Cheers to the freakin weekend. Don't do anything I wouldn't do:)