Weekending - I Survived

Tuesday, September 20, 2016


I was actually really worried when I had Widespread Panic tickets already purchased months ago and then they announced the Music Midtown lineup and dates and I thought... Fuck. This may not end well at all. I was wrong. it ended very well actually, all things considered. But I will admit that I need a few weeks off to recuperate. No I'm serious, I am going to lay low and save money, dine in, drink less, do Mom things... for real. Unless my ex decides to take the kids for some part of fall break next week, then all bets are off because, NO KIDS. 

So to recap... Widespread Panic (with Umphrey's McGee opening up) on Friday night. I have not seen them in many, many years and man... I'm sorry that it's been so long. They killed it. Yes, they are old but oh do they love what they do. If you are a jam band fan... Grateful Dead, Allman Brothers, Phish, Dave Matthews ... just make sure you go see WP once or twice and dance all night long. It's happy hippie music and a super chill crowd. A little smoky, but we had so much fun!! I though I was going to really regret doing a friday night concert on a festival weekend but NFW. #worthit

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Moving on... we got a late start on Saturday, big surprise. Me and my main gals, we all have one thing in common, we take our damn time gettin where we are gettin to. We asked for an early check in at the Grand Hyatt. Totally not necessary. We did eventually get there though and Ubered up to the festival where we proceeded to see some amazing artists and some of the most awesomely insane fashion I have witnessed since the 80's. All I can say is ... high waisted shorts ladies. The most hideous and unflattering trend to ever make it's way back around. Sorry millenials, you are wrong on many things and this one is huge. But I wore Girbaud jeans so who am I to judge. But anyway here's a little of what we saw...

Big Boi...

Big Boi_Chris McKay.JPG
Collegrove aka Lil Wayne and 2Chainz...

Collegrove-4_Chris McKay.JPG

We also caught DNCE, Logic, Lucius, Leon Bridges and G-Eazy before the main event. Twenty One PilOts... see I tried to strike thru the lettering to make it cool like they do. Yeah, sorry. Anyway, I luh them. They put on the best show ever and we were in old lady fan girl heaven jumping around with humans we could have given birth to. And nobody cared how old we were. It was awesome. Go see them! I mean, I don't really get the masks, it was like a bazillion percent humidity in Atlanta on Saturday night  and I just kept thinking they must be so freaking hot and sweaty for their art but whatever... go see them anyway.


Speaking of a bazillion percent humidity, down came the rain on Sunday and this is what the poncho herd looked like. Misery. After we realized that black out shades really do work in 4 star hotels we got to brunch about 2 and well, basically camped out at the Nook for a few hours making new friends and Mrs. Robinson-ing bartenders, maybe. Not really but possibly a little.


Sunday the rain was really bad, like Amy doesn't do that kind of rain bad. Walking in the park through mud that pulls your shoes off when you're trying to look a little bit cute is annoying. Rain that slows to mist then pours buckets on your head while you're trying like hell to get a shot of Jack Fire so you can make being huddled up with sweaty strangers under the ATM tent more bearable is really a bitch. Did I mention it hasn't rained here in weeks???

I went as long as I could but I bailed early because I have seen The Killers before. I also missed Alabama Shakes and Miss Hot Mess herself Ke$ha but oh well. On Sunday we did see a few bands in between the park getting evacuated once for lightening. Evacuating 10's of thousands of people from a mud pit, super fun. I was in the bar, but then we finished up and saw Group Love, James Bay and Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats... they were really amazing by the way. Heard the Lumineers but just couldn't get there.

All in all it was a great weekend. Will I do it again? Maybe, in a year after I sleep some. 



  1. LOLOL @ old lady fan girl heaven. Awesome weekend!

  2. I love that you have this kind of access to festivals! I don't think I have it in me to go to a crowded mess of people anymore but it sounds like a ton of fun! Rest up and drink your fluids lady!! :)

  3. Sounds like you had a great time!!! The last time I went to Music Midtown was in 2002 and I remember it rained that year as well and the grass was a mess!!! I had mud up to my ankles when I got on marta that evening it was so gross but so fun. There is no way in hell I could hang these days so I am super impressed and you get mad street cred from me!

  4. I loved so much about this post . . . so glad you got to do two amazing music events this past weekend - good times for sure!!! I can't imagine MM in the rain . . . it's bad enough in the heat! And getting a hotel is so smart . . . it felt like trains, planes and automobiles to get there when I went! LOL!

  5. lol @ jumping around with humans we could have given birth to! hilarious. glad you had a fabulous time, i can't imagine how you feel, i feel like i need a sleep after reading this post lol. i totally don't understand the masks either.

  6. i like outdoor concerts but not in the rain! glad you had a fun time.