Summer Goals Check - Autumn Goals In The Que

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

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So Summer is over and it's time for me to see what all I got accomplished on the goal list I set forth here. I actually am going to pat myself on the back because I did pretty good on most of these and I actually surprised myself! One of my favorite side effects, if you will, of blogging is that it keeps me accountable. When I say on the blog that  I am going to do something and I don't follow through I fear that you all will think I am a fraud. So let's run down the list and see just how legit I am...

Meal Prep - FAIL I mean let's be honest, I was unemployed for 6 weeks of the summer so it really was not necessary. The rest of the time I just didn't wanna. I am doing better with it now though, officially prepped lunches this week!

Stay On Top Of The Mail - PASS - Not super awesome but until I went back to work it was on like Donkey Kong. Now my kitchen looks like the mail bomb exploded into stacks again. Oh well, baby steps. I look forward to colder weather so I can just burn that stuff up!

Purge Clothing - FAIL - I made one trip to Goodwill. One. I do however have a huge and ever growing pile in my room just waiting to be donated. It's really just a matter of loading up the car and doing it so maybe this is not really a fail?

Ok, here's where things really start to turn around. The fun goals...

Read A Book On My Nightstand - PASS - I finished a book. And started 2 more. Now, for all of you voracious readers just give me a high five with a side eye. I am trying to get back into reading at night but I am tired dammit and I fall asleep a lot. But I have to say, I now look forward to however many pages I can get in every night so it's becoming a habit and to me that is success!

Brunch (somewhere new in town) PASS - And.. I actually went to where I said I was going to go and it was totally by coincidence. I tried Folk Art  this summer and it was off the chain. I had Folk Southern Fried ... Fried Chicken, Fried Egg, Biscuits and gravy. OMG. Definitely going back but in the fall or winter because it's in a super old building and there's no A/C. Definitely a negative for a hungover August brunch in Atlanta. Still worth it.

Image result for folk art atlanta

Take the kids to a BRAVES game or on a day trip. FAIL - But look here... I was unemployed so I get nervous about planning trips. And honestly they didn't seem to care about a baseball game so I said screw it. However, I am going to the Braves vs. Tigers this Saturday with a friend so I will get to see the Braves play their last home stand at Turner Field before they move to the new stadium in the spring of 2017. And Detroit Tigers baseball because that's my home team!

Make Reservations at Gunshow. - PASS-FAIL-PASS - So... I made the reservations and cancelled them because my friends can be super lame. My birthday this year was really not great. I get depressed about planning it myself. I know, boo fucking hoo, but seriously it would be nice one day to have someone else just know me well enough to plan the perfect night for me, but I digress. Reservations re-booked for Oct. 22. Going alone if I have to. #DGAF Who knew it would be so hard to get a reservation for God's sake?

Blog 3x A Week - MEH I started off really strong with this and then I just failed. What I learned is that I am over the link ups, the schedule, the usual topics on usual days. I am trying to find a new rhythm but maybe my new rhythm just needs to be like the drunk uncle at a white wedding... no rhythm.

New Thing - PASS - I went to a music festival (Music Midtown) for an entire weekend. I have been before but this was the first time I got a hotel and did the 2 day event in the rain and mud. It was a lot of fun but exhausting coupled with a separate concert the night before. You can read all about it here. But, done... check it off the list Grandma!

I am currently working on the Fall goals list or at least thinking about them for another post. But I am proud that I checked a few things off this go around and made some pretty awesome memories in the process!



  1. no side eye at all, high five for reading! who cares if you read a million books or just one, if you're enjoying it and reading what you want to, that's awesome.

    i plan my birthday every year as well. i used to get upset about it, or refuse to plan and then be bitter when others disappointed me, but eh. it just made me upset or mad and didn't fix anything lol. i love KC but he's a shocker with birthdays and planning anything, and i'd rather just plan what i want and do what i want. i hope your friends will go with you to the gunshow, if not, rock the solo trip. who cares?!
    that brunch looks AMAZING.

  2. Yeah to going to the Tigers/Braves game!! Yes, I said Tigers 1st - as I am from a city not far from where the Tigers play - COMERICA PARK! Enjoy! go Tigers!! :-)

    1. Me too!!! Redford born and raised! I love all things Michigan!

  3. reading any time you can get is a win in my books! actually, i've let reading go for a bit; i have 3 books that haven't been touched and the library due date is looming :s

  4. Holy shit that brunch looks incredible. You rocked the fun goals & that's really all that matters.

  5. I think you did pretty good!!! I think it is hard in general to have meal planning down all summer long and staying healthy when there are all these events to go to and beers to be drank. That brunch picture made my stomach growl!!!

  6. Some nights I read 30 pages and some nights I read three. It's all good!