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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

My favorite seasonal quote is the one from The Great Gatsby below, “life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.” While autumn doesn’t officially start until next week, it has gotten crisp in New York. Not only is everyone happy to no longer be sweating but they are also happy to […]:

And just like that it's September and the mornings are getting cooler! My birthday is tomorrow. College football is in full swing, GO SEMINOLES. I already bought some Pumpkin Spice Toll House cookies and Pumpkin beer. I know... weird combo but oddly both really good. I am slammed with life in general but I love a good currently post so let's do this...


I am sure I am the last person on earth to read this book but I really need to purge more mindfully. I have been doing a really good job of purging the obvious things like papers, things that are not in use or broken, old crap... but it's time for me to be more honest about some of my possessions and the way I really feel about them. When you go through a divorce you end up with so much stuff that has baggage of it's own if you get what I'm saying. So I am trying this out. Will report back.


To remember to be more present in the moment because everything seems to change so quickly. I have had some major people disappointments recently and still after all of these years I don't get why people do the things they do. And how quickly someone can become a complete stranger.

Yea it going to be different to go from being best friends to strangers and back to friends and lovers but I know we fall back into a grove the moment I'm with ya cause I luvs ya ANB:


That I get a reservation at Gunshow for my birthday soon. I'm on the waitlist for all of my first choice dates and times. How was I supposed to know I should have booked my September birthday dinner in July? And I am also hoping that Kevin Gillespie is actually there cooking the night that I finally get to go! Because beard and tattoos ya know.

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Nothing because I am paralyzed with fear over actually starting on the 2 things I want to do the most... strip wall paper and paint. It's just so much woooooork... and I don't wanna. Once you strip off a piece of wall paper there is no turning back. I want to pay someone because I have zero patience and also a bit low on time. So I am going to get some quotes and then decide.


Since summer is pretty much over I am really working hard on crossing the things off my summer goal list I talked about in this post. Shit, shit, shit. Where did the time go??? I actually am crossing a few off though so I am kind of proud. I mean let's be real... I didn't make them hard things.  I'll be talking more about that in a few weeks for sure. Realistic goals are easy to achieve. Baby steps sometimes!

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What do you have going on currently?

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  1. I haven't read that book but my friends have and it's supposedly life-changing. I have zero issues purging which is probably why I have no desire to read that book but I get that others have sentimental attachments to things. My husband says it's because I have a black heart but whatever #rude.

  2. I haven't had a chance to read that book yet either but it is on the list. I can get rid of paper, broken things and some clutter but for whatever reason clothes and sentimental things that serve no purpose and stay boxed up are hard for me. I think that people disappointments can be some of the worst let downs. People suck and you just never know who is going to change.

  3. Happy birthday! I have been meaning to read that book for a long time, I think I'll need to do it soon. Our house is in need of serious de-clutter and re-org. Pumpkin beer and pumpkin cookies sounds pretty tasty to me! Thanks for linking up today!

  4. I love purging. Love. IT. And painting....I'd come do all that shit if we lived closer!!

  5. That book has been on my to read list forever. Bummer about the people disappoints . . . it happens, usually it's for the better even though it makes us sad. Oh, I hope you get your reservation soon!! And I say for wallpaper and painting - hire someone!

  6. My biggest fear when we move into a house is that there will be wallpaper that needs to be removed. NO!

  7. Paint yourself, but do yourself a favor and hire someone to remove the wallpaper. Actual hell.