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Friday, September 23, 2016

It's finally Fri-YAY! What plans do you have this weekend?:

Oh my, it's Friday and next week is Fall Break for my kids... FALL BREAK I SAID. How in the world did it get to officially be fall already? We are going to blink and this year will be over but before that happens we have a whole lot of fun fall and winter things left to do and I can't wait. It was like 90 here yesterday on the first day of fall... I am waiting Mother Nature, you can stop now. I had a great week for the most part and the best part is I have zero plans this weekend except to play tennis twice. I get to sleep, maybe take in a Fall festival, watch football and chill with my kiddoes. Oh and Maybe some shopping too because it seems like everyone is having a sale, or is it just me?

Haven't done any favorites in awhile so here goes nothing...


Five Minute Million Dollar Dip seems like the perfect food to me. Bacon, cheese, short on time and big on taste. 5 ingredients, just add Ritz crackers. Making this over the weekend and hopefully not eating it all myself.Original pin here.



My obsession with lace and all things Anthropologie continues. I'm gonna have to wait a minute till this goes on sale but I will have it as soon as it hits the first markdown. Perfect top for Fall and Winter in the South. Love. Find it here.


I live in athletic shoes when I am not working and they have become a bit of an obsession. Just picked these up cause they were on sale so like, I had to. And also I don't have black and pink and grey high tops so...Adidas Extaball. Super comfy too.

adidas - Extaball Shoes Core Black AQ4798


I am desperately trying to find an amazing bag for work that can fit everything in it. I carry a boatload of stuff and I am out of the office as much if not more than I am in it. Does anyone have a favorite? I am not a backpack girl. I usually carry a laptop, shoes, my lunch/snacks/water and all the other stuff you need for meetings, etc. and I like things to be separated on the inside like this one here. If you have one you love please tell me!! I can't decide.

Pockets designed to take the day with you. Travel with your laptop, tablet and phone in a perfectly packed tote.:


I love all things pumpkin and paleo. This weekend I have scheduled some serious meal prep so that I can really be on track next week... with the exception of maybe one sweet fall treat because these Pumpkin Magic Bars from my fave paleOMG look too amazing. I must make them and I just happen to have all of the ingredients in my pantry except organic pumpkin puree. I mean really, who doesn't love a magic bar?


I recently took a few online surveys and instead of asking what my gender was they asked what gender I identify "most closely with" and also there was an option for "I identify with none of the above". What the fuck is going on?

Displaying d7c161e69e3790fee6549d307151f656396809b0b71b20dfb2c519a9fad07ea9_1.gif

I love a guy with a sense of humour but really, this made me laugh. 

Displaying 27cb6d348e9bb82bde436d4080b18919c1dec46921eec899326c4e31914fc862_1.jpg

So needy...

Displaying 0727520e1c8a0bc2dc1a0e208afb7c19772ae9a9d7d1ea18fc53324a381cb995_1.jpg

I bet this bird is like 40 something.

Displaying 53a37a6e9a28c328c4d7a65ef26cfd87a587463a536bfbb528f28ff39fc7ef43_1.gif

How I really feel about not having to set an alarm Saturday or Sunday.

The Bachelor Australia bed sleepy bed bed bed bed bed the bachelor

So remember how I said I wasn't going out this weekend at the beginning of this post? Someone just texted me and asked me to go to a beer fest at the Terrapin Brewery tomorrow. Ummmmm.... crrrrap

Suits sigh donna paulsen suits usa sarah rafferty

When another one of my single friends announces they have met the love of their life.

E! amy schumer ooh e news

And they keep telling me how amazing said significant other is, not like the rest. 

Election 2016 hillary clinton judging you between two ferns funny or die

And I am just over here like yeah, uh huh...

GIPHY Studios Originals brad pitt angelina jolie faye orlove brangelina

Good Luck with that...

no nope bounce

Happy Weekend. Bye.

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  1. Happy Friday indeed! So, when I finally bit the bullet and bought an expensive-ass purse, I basically had the same requirements. I went with the black Zac Posen Eartha Iconic Jumbo Double Handle Satchel and it fits a laptop, a water bottle, my heels, and other junk. I use just the arm-crook straps as opposed to the cross-body straps and as long as I'm not walking miles it's rather comfortable. I think I bought mine a couple years ago and it still looks like new, with a couple tiny scratches on the gold. I will warn though, the front flat is useless. It does have a pocket in there, but it's only good if you don't need to access that shit daily, fyi. Otherwise, happy choosing!

  2. I am SOOOOOO over the 90 degree weather. We need a break!!! It is horrid! That black anthro top is GORGEOUS!!!! When that shit goes on sale, you let me know! That bag looks super functional! And ummmm those magic bars...yum! Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. I sure hope you have a fabulous fall break next week . . . I'm so ready for a break and so are my kids!

  4. That dip looks amazing! I can't wait to have my own place again, granted football will be over by then. But I would love to have people over for football games & stuff with awesome football food. That top is super cute. I want one like that for work instead of the plain black t-shirts/tank tops I wear right now.

  5. i love anthro but i loathe their prices!

    i'm a back pack girl; i bought an ugly one for travel and IDGAF it's ugly because was $9!