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Friday, August 14, 2015

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Hey there it's Friday again!!! I had kind of a topsy turvy week... to coin an old timey phrase that somehow fits. It was up and down, that seems to be kind of par for the course lately. I have a lot of good stuff happening but it seems to still be a bit tempered by things that are annoying and hanging over my head a little. The good news is nothing new broke (knock on wood), some bills got paid, I have a job, my friends are awesome, my kids are spectacular and my family is the absolute best thing ever. I failed at blogging again but other than that... All good stuff! And favorite things with Amanda are always good stuff too.. so let's get to it!


I absolutely can not stop playing this song by newcomer to the country scene... Cam. I love anyone who just has the balls to go by one name too. That's cool. And this is hauntingly beautiful...

If you have a moment listen to the story of how she wrote it. If you have ever loved and lost because you were an asshole raises hand it's pretty poignant.


Still thinking about a birthday tattoo even though I if I even do one this year it will be something small... and highly unlikely. Love this... shoulders are so sexy. Alas my right shoulder is already covered up. This is really pretty though.

lace tattoos for women | 15 Lace Tattoos For The Woman In You


I have been enjoying these this summer and it's almost as much about the frosty copper mug as it is the drink. Ok... not almost, it is. I need a set of my own. If you haven't tried a Moscow Mule get some Tito's and make one today. Perfect summer cocktail!

It's five o'clock somewhere, right? The moscow mule is particularly refreshing on these hot summer days. "17 Three-Ingredient Cocktails You Should Know How To Make"


I love booties. They are undoubtedly my favorite fall shoe choice here in the South. Especially if they have some cut out action, mesh, open toe, etc. Love, love love the Splash Pointy Toe Booties from Nine West. When they go on sale they are mine. 

Splash Pointy Toe Booties


I am a bag whore. I carry "luggage" according to my people, every day. And I love a good tote. Saw this from Anthro... the Imogen... then I died.


Because it's Friday and we must laugh at stupid humans...

Grandkids... not all they are cracked up to be.

38 People Who Are Done With Today

This seems like a metaphor for life. Having fun then... BAM

38 People Who Are Done With Today

Really? Really....

Tweeting about that new credit card.

I still love that someone took this so literally. 

Pizza & Cookies (& Jack).

How exactly would you explain this. I'll ask my ex. He'll know.

The three-car cooler train ride to drunktown.

Haven't seen any stupid escalator gifs lately. What the what.

22 Things That Seemed Like Good Ideas At The Time

Can you imagine, you see the google maps car coming down your street and...

The 21 Most Awkward Situations In History

Have a great weekend!!!

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  1. i swear, most youths of today are such morons. i am scared for their generation!

  2. LOLOL @ why is everyone asking? Dumbasses. Everywhere.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. That tattoo is gorgeous!!! Those booties are cute too :)

  4. I seriously need a tattoo. I have been craving one for the longest time!!!! The next one is gonna be something cute that represents both of my kids. I think I will have to work up a post for it.

    Also, those gifs... I watched more than 10 times. SO FUNNY!!

  5. I feel like Moscow Mules have BLOWN UP with popularity lately! I've never had one... doesn't sound like my CUP (hahahahahahaaa) of booze.

  6. I'm not a huge fan of vodka but I've made the mule with bourbon and loved it. The copper mugs definitely make the drink- I just got my friend a set for her birthday and she loves them!