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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Happy Humpday folks! Yay!!! We are halfway thru the week already. That's good news. Busy week for me. All of the back to school events and meetings are in full swing and I feel like I am getting my routine and my Mommy groove back a little bit. But still squeezing in a little fun here and there, less so on the weeknights but I need to chill on that anyway.  Let's do a little confessing and hashtagging today shall we? This is going to be totally random... that I can promise.

Do you like surprises? I do when it comes to the shows I am watching . Don't effing spoil my shit before I watch it. The other day I was googling an actress on The L Word which I am currently in season 3 of on Netflix and I started reading the season three recaps on Wikipedia. I read a little too far and discovered a major, horrible plot twist that I did not see coming and immediately had a mini panic attack. #ohnoyoudidnt #shitfuckdamn #spoileralert

Now that my teenage daughter has a car, a job, a boyfriend and is back in school I never see her. Like when I do I get confused that she is actually home. But she's having fun and living her life and it's ok as much as I want to force her to stay home and be 5 again and play my little pony. #shehasbecomeme #sorrymomigetitnow

I cannot stop cheating with crappy food. There I said it. I don't think I am cheating so much that it's having a true negative impact but the little bits here and there that make me feel like I am cancelling out the good food. I can't fucking stop... what is wrong with me? #ilikejunkfoodandicannotlie #itsjustsogoodwhenithitsyourlips

Lately I have been absolutely hemorrhaging money. Do you ever feel like it's just going way faster than you can make it? I can't keep up... I am seriously considering a second job. As an Uber driver maybe. I have a huge black suv... it could be lucrative. Does anyone know an Uber driver? #iwillprobablyendupondateline #butiwouldoffergreatsnacks

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Happy Humpday! Hope it's a good one!

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  1. is the name 4 letters? bc i don't wanna spoil it in case i have the wrong one.

  2. i hate it when i hear spoilers. if i'm watching a show that is current, i stay away from all forms of social media after it airs because i KNOW there are dillholes who talk about it. i never wiki anything either!!

  3. LOLOL @ you as an Uber driver. You'd get a lot of awesome material for your blog!

  4. OMG that last two months I feel like I'm legit living paycheck to paycheck. I blame it on my car and home depot, mostly my car. I'm praying that next month is better

  5. I am hemorrhaging money too. Bad. I think Uber driving would be awesome. I mean, you only have to do it when you have time. From what I've heard you just flip the switch to on when you want to do it. If I had a better car for it I might consider it.

  6. Dude. Junk food. The struggle is real! I've never had such a hard time staying on track before. Lately I'm a damn bull in a china shop with ANYTHING edible!

  7. If I listed my top 10 favorite foods, they'd all be junk and bad for me. If I listed my top 20 foods, same.

  8. I can feel you on the junk food front...I can't seem to get it together lately, It's like I'm preparing for fall/winter or something!

  9. does the cheating and money have something to do with summer? I've been doing the same and hoping that once summer is over I am OVER IT too.