Tuesdays Are For Recaps

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

They are. I am making this a thing. Because I do what I want... aaaaand I really need to stop saying that. So last weekend technically started for me on Thursday and a planned girls night out for one of my very best friend's birthdays. We are still trying to figure out who was the brilliantine who picked Thursday and why,  because we all wanted to die quickly and painfully at work on Friday. Pretty sure Friday was THEE longest day of my working career like ever. Brilliant decision number 2 (and this really was) was to Uber all over town rather than drive so we could have multiple cocktails. Multiple cocktails. Multiple. If you follow me on Snapchat let me take this opportunity to apologize. We were Drunky McDrunkerson and having way too much fun for old women. Really I am not sorry at all. YOLO!!!

Anywho we went to some cool places and and had fun food and drinks which made for great bloggy photos. First stop was Cru - A Wine Bar  and it was fabulous. We each started out with a flight of wine, I chose Sauvignon Blanc, made up of 3 separate glasses together equaling one generous pour. It was heavenly! We also sampled the tapas, mostly cheese type things with won tons, heirloom tomatoes, figs, crusty bread, wild mushrooms and more cheese. And then I died and went to heaven.

We also made a stop at Kona Grill for additional drinks and dessert. Loved it. Don't ask me what this thing is just get it. It was off the chain frozen, chocolate-y goodness. Something with Snickers and oreo I think.

The weekend was actually pretty chill. I had my kids so we hung out a bit at home with friends. I got my car fixed up so it can pass emmisions. My ex actually fixed it for me... I will wait while you all regain conciousness. I played tennis, drank wine and went to the pool. I even ate and cooked a little too. Shocking I know! It was great! Relaxed and ready for the rest of the week. Thank God it's Tuesday!



  1. not a bad weekend at all!! uber is the only way to go when i'm out with friends--none of us want to be dd, haha.

  2. Um I need to hang out with you, haha. Everything looks so delicious. I wish there was a wine bar near me.

  3. Sometimes a night out on Thursday is a must, no matter how miserable the Friday is. Sounds like a great weekend!

  4. OMG that cake. i'm pmsing like crazy and i want to face plant into that cake. and what? your ex fixed something for you?!? so miracles do happen after all LOL