Humpday Confessions & Hashtags & Scorpions

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Shit... Its only Wednesday??? I guess that means I need to confess something or other because this is how we do it baby...

Hmmmm let's see...

I confess, I am confused. What in the actual fuck is going on with the Duggar freakshow Family?? Now this assface cheated on his wife??? Can they just go away please? #tlcneedstofiremanypeople

Guess what?? Just when I thought I got thru all of my humongous expenses... Whammy... here comes another one!!! So just to recap... speeding ticket, washer broken, A/C out, car failing emmisions... what next you say???? Scorpion infestation. Yup, you read that right. Ok maybe 2 does not make an infestation but since we are talking about muther facking scorpions guess who's not taking any chances??? Exterminator coming on Thursday with another giant bill I am sure. Fuck you scorpions. Prepare to die. Please pray that I don't die before then, oh yeah or my kids either.  #ikickedascorpion #butdidyoudie #joysoflivinginthesouth #icantmakethisshitup

Below Deck is back. More rich people behaving very badly. Why are all of these people so hot??? #amitoooldtobeayachtie #captainleecaptainlee

I got a marriage proposal yesterday. My OkCupid profile still exists I just haven't been on it in ages because this... #donthate #someonewantstomarryme #hemightbeinprison

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  1. I spit out my water laughing at that marriage proposal!!!!! I have a girlfriend who was telling me this story about a guy she met through online dating. First date, totally normal. Second date, he tells her he's a "feeder". That he wants to feed her enough to gain at least 40-50 pounds. Not to meet someone 40 or 50 pounds heavier, but to meet someone her size and watch them grow because of his feeding. W.....T.....F.....???

  2. wow, the duggar family is coming apart at the seams! that family is totally whack.

    and omg scorpions, just no. thank fuck i live in a county that's so goddamn cold most of the year creepy crawlies are like, imma get the fuck on up outta here! and don't even bother to hang around.

  3. That guy is CRAZY. I mean both Duggar and the proposer. LOL

    I'd shell out for the scorpion extermination. NO THANKS

  4. Scorpions!? Yikes! yes get that exterminated asap. Also the duggars - just ew - the whole thing. I don't want to even think about that woman's vag after so many kids. how did he even get her pregnant with the last few? although I love me some tlc. wedding shows galore!

  5. Scorpions?! Oh HELL no!!!!!!!!!!
    So... what did you say?! Do I have a fellow wedding planner?!?!?! ;)

  6. SCORPIONS?! I'm tempted to just burn my whole house down if there's ONE spider in the house and the hubs isn't there to assassinate it. Also, I hear ya on all of these damn expenses coming out of nowhere...can't my paycheck just...stay in my account for once?...