And Then It Was Tuesday.... I mean Wednesday

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

So I had every intention of posting a little bit this week and then I just didn't. I sort of feel like I am on vacation for real now that the kids are back in school. My house is quiet all day long, well except for music which is a constant for me. I guess I missed the confessions link up last week maybe but I feel like a little confesh sesh is the way to go today for me. So here goes nothing!

Do you ever watch the Olympics and think "what the hell am I doing with my life"? That pretty much sums up my weekend. Well, I mean I did do other things but I love  me some Summer Olympics and I totally binged on all things Rio. I have to say, don't hate me but the opening ceremonies... not my jam. My favorite part was Gisele stomping it to the death in that gold gown while The Girl From Ipanema played. You need to see all angles to appreciate it...

Don't get me wrong. Having been an athlete my whole life all of the stories of great athletic prowess and excellence were amazing and touching. But this moment just stole the show in my opinion. probably because I'm shallow and I want to be Gisele, but not married to Tom Brady... basically.  #icon

So in other news I had an interview last Friday. I don't want to project but, it was good. Really good. Dear God let this be the right one for me. I'm tired of job hunting already. If it's not I will not be devastated but I really, really got a good vibe. Fingers crossed.

Saturday my number one partner in crime and I checked out a new restaurant that I have been stalking on Instagram waiting for them to open all summer... Flatlands Bourboun & Bayou. A few drinks, lunch and a cute bartender later we were hooked. The downside for me is that inside it is super tiny and that makes my "get the hell away from me" approach to life a bit difficult. I don't want to hear your conversation or smell your food if your table is close to mine. So we remedied that by moving from said table to seats at the also miniscule bar. I am not a huge cajun fan but give me a good spicy bloody mary on Saturday afternoon and I'm done.

The bartender also hooked us up with a sample of the Foggy Swamp which normally comes in a bowl, several straws and steaming with dry ice. We got the smaller version but dayummmm... it was good!   They may have a few kinks to work out but I will go back. I had a blackened salmon salad which was a tiny bit overcooked for me but still delicious and super healthy! Obvs the alcohol is not Whole30 but this is modified remember?

I have ants. Every damn summer I get a few here and there around my kitchen sink and or dishwasher. So this year I have taken matters into my own hands and eradicated (I think) the little assholes. I got rid of my exterminator awhile back to save money so I have been using natural remedies for any pests I come across and guess what? They work. I tried the Borax/Sugar/Water method from this pin last night and within 24 hours I see no ants. It kind of freaked me out that the traps were full of them this morning, sorry no pics, but then they all left. Presumably to go back and poison all the other ants in their nest.  Seriously it took all I had in me not to kill them all but let them feast on the poison. I can't believe it really worked and cost less than $4.  #byefelicia

How To Get Rid Of Ants Overnight - Homemade Ant Killer - my Mom always used this!:

What you got goin on?


  1. 1) good luck!! fingers crossed.

    2) loving the olympics. my fav events are gymnastics, diving, swimming, volleyball. esp the swimming because swimmers bodies. and is it just me or are there a LOT of good looking athletes this year? i should be ashamed saying this because they're half my age #cougaralert LOL

    3) ants. i can't even deal with ants. when i saw 3 ants last year near my sliding door, i freaked out because there's no such thing as "only 3 ants" so i sent my husband to home depot to get ant traps while i stood guard in front of the sliding door stomping on any ant that tried to get further into the kitchen like motherfucking gandalf in LOTR all "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!"

  2. i didn't watch the opening ceremonies.. not my jam either. so thanks for sharing that gif, i didn't see it before. i wouldn't want to be married to tom brady either haha.
    yay for good interviews - i hope you get that job!

  3. I always get ants every summer too. Little annoying assholes. I am going to have to try your method! Did you dogs mess with the stuff at all? That is the only thing I worry about. I am sending you all the good vibes for your good interview and hope that something comes out of it for you!!!

  4. That's how I get rid of ants. In fact I haven't seen them in a few years. I must have overdosed a lot of them with the borax killing. And I keep it on the counters so the dogs can't get it.

    Fingers crossed for solid news from your interview!

  5. Ohh exciting - I am sending up all the positive vibes for the job potential! I love the new Whole 30 embrace - it has to be a lifestyle . . . that includes Bloody Mary's for damn sure! I'm totally digging the Olympics but I'm not used to watching real time TV so the commentary and commercials between events is killing me. F'ing ants. I always see the sugar ants when it rains and gets hot. Love a home remedy!!!

  6. I'm not so sure I could go with a drink that had a shellfish on it but that fizzy drink looks mighty good!

  7. Good luck with the job!! Crossing fingers for you!
    And yay for getting rid of the ants. They're awful!!