Weekending... And It's August

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

If everything goes according to plan, I will be recovered in August....and, celebrate LIFE with loads of Champagne <3 !!! So, hello August....can't wait for you to start....:

To say that August is like the Sunday of summer is 100% accurate in my opinion. I am not a huge fan typically but, then again next comes September and the month of my birth so there is that to look forward to. 

I didn't really do shit this weekend except eat and cook and laze around. It was mostly just me and my 10 year old as the older two were preoccupied with work and friends and such. It was tax free weekend in GA so I did all the school shopping for the little girl. Little girls get so excited about going back to school and getting all the new supplies and clothes. Boys and teens not so much. Trips to multiple Targets later and we finally found THE backpack and lunch boxes we were hunting. We don't care that they don't match either. I snagged a sweet little crossbody tassel bag on clearance for $10.00... perfect for bar hopping which I will be doing none of this month. We also scored big at Old Navy, she got some new outfits that will be debuting on Thursday and Friday for Day 1 & 2 and I scored some new cute tops too. It's just ungodly hot here and I am feeling oh so fat so... flowy loose things with skinny little straps on sale hopped right into my cart. Side note... I did not pay more than $13 for any one thing in my cart and ... NO tax! Yippee! I also could not resist more PJ shorts on sale, can't have too many of those when you are "working" from home!

So I started back on strict Whole30 Monday and I haven't decided just how much I want to shout it from the rooftops yet because there will be challenges. I am a purist and having completed two, to the letter for 30 days without veering off course I just don't want to call this a real Whole30 until I decide if I am going to cheat at all. As I mentioned I have 3 events this month that will be difficult, not impossible, during which to stay Whole30 compliant. So, we'll see what happens. I do know that other than those 3 events my goal is to stay on track for the next 30 days. I took measurements and weighed in  and I won't revisit the scale or the tape measure until August 31. The scale was a rude awakening but not a shocker. I knew by the way my clothes fit roughly what the number would be and I was pretty close. Not good. Who knows, maybe that will be enough motivation to go to a wine tasting and drink water. Not likely though. 

I did some Paleo baking too and made a Paleo Key Lime Pie with Coconut Pecan crust. Does it taste like real key lime pie? Not exactly but damn close and quite delicious. When I am way off course and especially drinking too much my sweet tooth kicks into high gear. Anyone else notice that? Anyway I am going to try to let that work itself out by going cold turkey on sugar this month but I wanted to try this one for a treat. Check out the original pin here from Paleo Running Momma. 

Happy August!


  1. you can do this. I've also been a bit too liberal with my food prior to my trip but i'm now back on track. to be honest, it wasn't the food but the alcohol. as in i would have some every day and holy crap, i had no idea that (this amount of) booze could affect my middle section. i looked in the mirror right after my trip and did not see any definition anymore. i was like WHERE ARE MY ABS? so i've cut down on the booze a lot which makes me sad!


  2. Ohhhh that Paleo Key Lime Pie with Coconut Pecan crust sounds wonderful!!! I need to check out that pin! Love all the tops you got! Flowy and little sleeve is perfect for this hellish weather we have. I love August but due to the fact that it is my birth month, I might be slightly biased. I am ready for fall weather though!!!

  3. My friend - I can so relate on the eating, drinking and dirty whore of a scale. I am trying Weight Watchers again . . . and have joined Pure Barre. We will see how it goes. But I'm right there with you feeling like flowy tops are the only way to go. Good luck with the Whole 30 and if you only cheat 3 times, meh . . . it's better than not doing it at all!!!

    Totally agree with you about little girls . . . Amanda was so excited to shop for supplies and such. The boys . . . not so much.

  4. man, i don't much like wine and even i couldn't resist wine at a wine tasting lol. i feel like i keep going up and down, i do well and then i fall off the wagon hard. if you can do the whole 30 and only cheat 3 times, i'd say that's better than cheating 30 times.. you know? you've already done it twice so you know you can, and i'm sure you'll still get a lot of the benefits as long as you stay on track besides the planned cheats.