Wednesday Confessional & New Job Update

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

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Is that super annoying? I just want you to be as excited as I am...

Well hey there! Guess who's back, back again, Shady's back, tell a friend.  So I took a little break to focus on the new job, new routine, new challenges and now I am going to try and get back to regularly scheduled programing whenever possible. So just to make this easy on me I am going to spill it all here for you today confessional style. Because I feel like telling you guys errythang...

Guys... I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new job. Is it too soon for me to actually say that? Maybe. I mean it's only been a week but so far so very good. It is in the same industry but a different sector and a similar role but much more client facing. I am super psyched to be getting out of the office on a regular basis and going to cool places all over Atlanta. I am one of those oddballs that lives in the burbs but loves going into town for anything. The project I'm working on will require me to be down town a lot even though my office is close to where I live which is totally new for me. At my last job everyone came to us so this is a nice change. I got to check out the inner workings of the GDOT yesterday and see where traffic specialists watch walls of giant flat screen monitors live streaming video of every major thoroughfare in and around the city of Atlanta. It was very cool and I will be there a lot! My new role will also require me to work with a lot of first responders, aka men (ok and women) in uniform... law enforcement, firemen, paramedics, life flight pilots... did I mention that I love my new job?

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Tomorrow marks the first of September and the beginning of my month of birth. You know what really blows about that? I get my first paycheck on the 9th, the day after my birthday. Womp. Womp. The good thing is that it's a Friday so perhaps I will have something fun to do that night with all dat money. Or maybe someone will take me out and spend money on me because, hey it's my birthday. Either way, celebrations are a comin because...

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College football starts this weekend ya'll. I can not wait to watch my Noles beat up on Olay Miss Monday night. GO SEMINOLES!!!

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Music Midtown is just about 2 short weeks away. I know I said this before but omg it's going to be epic. I mean look at the lineup:


And look where I'm staying... The Grand Hyatt in Buckhead because... it's my birthday month. So why not make it into a mini vacay. 

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I seriously have a major girl crush on Rihanna. Did anyone see the MTV Music Awards performance the other night. Girlfriend is so freaking gorgeous I can't stand it. I don't actually watch the show but just the clips of the best performances the next day. She killed it.

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So anyway I feel like I am settling in a little bit but mostly I am just happy and content that for now I can sit back and not worry about anything for a minute. I was somewhat nervous about this job, like it's too good to be true, it can't be happening. But it is happening! I feel, once again, you just can't ever try to force things, they happen the way they are supposed to.

Happy Wednesday Friends! 


  1. This is awesome! I'm so excited for you and your job! I was thinking about you yesterday and wondering how it was going! Let the birthday shenanigans begin . . . I am so excited for September - it begins my favorite season of the year!!! I'm excited you get to go to Music Midtown and actually stay downtown - that will make it so much more fun! Love me some Rihanna - I saw her in concert once . . . she's a naughty girl! Ha! Glad you're back!

  2. this is so amazing, Amy; I'm so happy that you're happy and settled :) celebrate yo' birthday month because go shawty, it's yo birfday!

  3. I'm glad that you're loving your new job & getting settled into a routine! Hell yeah for birthday months & splurging!

  4. mmmmm men in uniform. Yummy. I am so glad that you are loving your new job! That is awesome!!! And getting out of the office sometimes is really really nice! Oh Music Midtown!!! The last time I went was sometime in college, maybe like 2005 or something like that? It was always such a fun weekend! Happy almost Birthday Month!!!!!!!!!!

  5. yayyyy so happy you love your new job! that's so awesome. and yes someone should take you out and spend lots of money on because it's your birthday, and then you can go and do other fun things with your first pay check!

  6. That first GIF 'bout gave me a seizure! :h
    Congrats on the job. Glad you like it.
    Happy birthday!

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