Currently... August

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

When coconut oil is the solution to everything.:

Because coconut oil is currently my answer for everything. So here we are on this first Wednesday in August for another installment of Currently with Anne and this month Dana!



The feeling I get when I have a plan. Doing another Whole30 for the next month has got me feeling a little calmer inside. Since life is always a bit out of control for me it seems I get immense pleasure and peace from taking the reins over at least one area and making it my bitch. Extreme structure, at least in this one vein, is my jam. It makes life so much easier when I have less options and choices to make. Or something like that.


Married At First Sight... again. The new season just started and this show just blows my mind. This whole concept just completely fascinates me and if I didn't have kids and I was younger I would totally do it. It is so incredibly hard to really know someone, why not let some experts vet your mate for 4 months prior to your marriage. I am certainly not any good at it.  If I ever do it please match me up with a bearded guy sporting a pizza tattoo on his bicep. Please. I can't wait to see what the one girl thinks when she finds out her husband lives in a bus.  


The Atlanta Beltline & Ponce City Market Been meaning to get downtown to check this all out. The beltline goes all around the city and Ponce City Market is a gather, eat, shop spot at one of the points on the beltline. It is in the Original Sears & Roebuck building dating back to 1926.  Perfect timing since I need to stay out of the bars for a while, take a nice walk around a different part of town and shop. Unless of course they have bars there. Shoot.


Recipes... One of my favorite instagrams @whole30 is having a challenge to find the next Whole30 Recipe star to be featured during the month of September. What a perfect time for me to showcase my cooking and food styling capabilities! I am not so sure I create actual recipes but this month I will try! More motivation to stay on track. Check it out at #nextwhole30star where my dinner last night is currently featured under top pins! BOOM


All the Summer things like BLT's on repeat because tomatoes are awesome right now! Next I am going to try them in endive cups like this.

BLT Endive Bites. A fresh, low-carb appetizer or side dish inspired by the combination of bacon, lettuce, and tomatoes.:



  1. that bearded guy! haha I saw his pic, thought "oh YUMMY COME TO MAMA" and then read your sentence that basically said the same thing LOLOLOL

  2. I love Whole 30 for the same reason. I like being in control and if my eating is the only thing I can control then I am good. I need to watch Married At First Sight. I got hooked last season but was never able to catch up on it!

  3. Sooo fun story. When I lived in Atlanta, I worked at the very first apartment community built on the Beltline in the 4th Ward district! It was just when it had started coming together in the very beginning. I know that it looks so very different now, six year later. But I thought it was the coolest damn thing! I really miss that apartment sometimes, it was gorgeous! And they were so easy to lease to others because it was new and exciting. Get on with your bad Whole 30 self!!!!

  4. That looks like an awesome place to be exploring! And good for you on another Whole30... I've been contemplating the same. Now is the time to do it, with all the good veggies in season! :)

  5. My stepmom and DAD watch Married at First Sight. Now, I guess you'd need to know my dad to understand how completely out of character and floored I was that he watches that show. And, they get into it. They were talking to me about it for 30 minutes, and I've never seen an episode. But, the love it so much they felt the need to share their love with me. ha.

  6. I have never been to Ponce City Market which is ridiculous. I need to explore this city more myself! So excited for your whole 30 - I'm contemplating one myself. I just don't want to think about what I'm eating - give me a list and I can stick to it! And yes -you are perfect for the recipe/food styling competition! Cool!

  7. I LOVED married at first sight when we had cable. I'm totally on board with arranged marriage if it's voluntary and based on more than social class. I was totally jealous I was already married when I saw it. I would have loved it.

  8. BLT's is the quintessential summer meal!