Oh Hey Friday Thangs...

Friday, August 5, 2016

So ready. My husband will be home for the weekend. Before they start back working long hours. It was nice to see him last night. Worked all day and drove 3 and a half hours just to see is for an hour before he had to go back to bed. Love that man:

Oh Hey...Well, we made it through the first day back to school . I have one in 5th grade at a new school (thank you new district lines) but with a teacher that we are over the moon about. She may have been teacher of the year last year. I have one brand new high school freshman boy who was happy to report he did not get beat up on the first day... not that he would but that was his take on the first day. And I have one high school senior who starts college on the 22nd in a dual enrollment program we have in GA called Move On When Ready. Yes, she is taking all college courses for college credit during her senior year at a local junior college. And working 2, yes 2 jobs. Where did she come from?

Anyway, I made it pretty successfully through a week of Whole30 for the most part eating almost perfectly. As I mentioned like a million times I think as much for me as for you, I am not treating this as a perfect Whole30 but more as a chance to reset to 90/10 or even 80/20 for the next 30 days since I have been about 50/50 all summer long. Aaaand I have the 10 pounds to show for it. Week one mission accomplished. I have been thinking and one of my favorite readers/bloggers pointed out, isn't the point really to make it a lifestyle anyway? Yes, I have done 2 Whole30's with great success. What I need to master is the lifestyle. Working on it!

Anyway here are 5 things I am currently digging:


I  am not a huge Miranda fan but I really love this song! The first little bit gives me goose bumps, and dayummm... she lookin good post Blake!


I have this really vintage cast iron skillet that I got for a wedding present a hundred years ago. I love cooking in it and especially baking in it. Since my new oven is in the house and should be installed literally any minute now I am really looking forward to making things like this Peach Upside Down Cake again. Peaches are the bomb right now because summer in GA. If you have never baked in a cast iron skillet you need to.

peach upside down cake recipe - This is going to happen this summer!:


This is the best way to entertain in the summer. Fruits, cheeses, savory meats, nuts, olives... who needs heavy appetizers? And all of these things are pretty easy to keep on hand and make pretty if anyone stops by unexpectedly. When I get my farm table in my kitchen I am definitely going to have someone make me a big long custom cutting board just like this!

cheese spread.:


Are you guys ready for RIO and the Summer Olympics? I am ... here's a fun thing for us all to do tonight, if you're drinking that is. The good folks at Buy Me Brunch, my favorite T-Shirt and Tank Top source came up with this earlier in the week. Drink up!!

Go for the gold, if you think you can handle it. 
Bronze level: Drink 1 when you see...
  • a country you don't know
  • an athlete you do know (by name)
  • "U.S.A.," "United States," "America," "Estados Unitos," or "Murica." 
  • a funny hat
  • Rio's dirty-ass bong water
  • mention of the whole Zika virus thing
  • doe-eyed children
Silver level: Drink 2 when you see...
  • mention of the Russian doping scandal (awkward) 
  • it getting real awkward with Russia in general
  • the Queen Mum
  • strobe lights, fog machines, or anything else you might find at a shitty 8th grade dance 
  • matching sport coats!
  • lederhosen

Gold level: Drink 3 when you see...
  • people who can't dance start dancing!
  • a hide-skinned drum, or some weird fucking instrument that you've never seen
  • the Olympic flame licking the night’s sky in a blaze of glory
  • somebody is full of hope or joy or hopeful joy 
  • or joyous hopes 
  • single tear streams down a grown man's cheek 
  • looks like roids...
  • definitely looks like roids…
  • it's roids, right?

USA ...USA....USA...!

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  1. congrats on kicking the whole30 off right; keep at it and it'll soon become a habit. i can't believe school started for you guys already; we dont start until september 6

  2. Ahhhhhh Fruits, cheeses, and savory meat is my favorite snack/app/football food!!! Sounds like you have some awesome kids to be super proud of!!!! Especially your daughter! That is amazing! Have a great weekend! I am going to go dream about that peach cake. OMG

  3. I totally forgot it's Opening Ceremony tonight! Ha...I guess we'll watch part of it...or none of it..yolo.
    Also, Lifestyle Whole30 FTW!! Have a great weekend, Amy!!

  4. Never heard of Buy Me Brunch till now. Went and checked it out. They've got some cool tees and tanks. I love the "Hangry" one.
    I didn't watch the Opening Ceremonies but kinda wished I would've now. That drinking game would've been fun.

  5. I'm excited for all things Olympic . . . I'm watching bits and pieces and just love it! Cast iron is my jam . . . and peaches, for the love of all things tasty I love a peach. I pinned that post and need to try! So glad everything went well for your children - rock stars for sure! And I love your take on the Whole 30 - I think the same thing - I've got to make it a lifestyle change instead of an on again, off again healthy eating streak! We got this!

  6. I love Vice. Such a great song. Good luck with Whole30 #3!