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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

PACKING - Hmmm... I never go anywhere so not packing for anything fun but packing up more crap for Goodwill I guess. Does that count? I took another big haul last weekend and I still have lots more that is coming out of my office. Feels good to pass it on to anyone who can actually use it rather than let it take up precious space in my house. That sounds so "marie kondo".

JONESING - For soooo many things post Whole30. Wine, doughnuts, pizza, korean bbq, sushi. But mostly doughnuts, like Revolution Doughnuts, not shitty doughnuts.

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TEXTING - My friend Joey.  Because I like to annoy people by saying things like "Cash me outside how bout dah". He hates me. I can't stop saying it. I have a problem.

READING - This book about my home town. A very interesting read about how corrupt and greedy politicians essentially destroyed what was once a prosperous and beautiful city. It will always be beautiful to me but much of it looks like world war three has already happened there. If you are not from here you might think he is making this stuff up or embellishing, sadly he is not.

Image result for detroit an american autopsy

HEARTING - Oil Slick Hair. I am ready for a change and I thought this would be the perfect way for me to phase out the red. I love it!

Beautiful oil slick hair my Nicole Totorello at beyond the fringe in Hillsborough NJ:

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  1. I am loving that silky straight hair. I can get mine to look like that only when the hair dresser does mine.

  2. Ahhhhh those donuts!!! STOP IT! LOL I totally had wine with dinner last night. It was amazing! That hair looks so pretty! I have been getting rid of things out of our spare room/my office and I need to take the pile to Goodwill ASAP.

  3. Ooh love your hair. The book sounds really interesting. My aunt and uncle used to live in Detroit. It's crazy how bad it's gotten, and really sad too of course!


  4. Gah, those donuts look way too good. And the hair is amazing!

  5. That hair photo is gorgeous! The Detroit book sounds fascinating. I'm from Michigan, and part of my family is from/still lives in Flint, another city that's had it pretty rough the past few decades. I haven't been to Detroit in a couple years though.

  6. Totally laughed at cash me outside how bow dah.