Up-Dates and Down-Dates

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Well here we are at the old hump day mark again and I am just now stopping by. I bet you guys are dying to know what is going on over here right? Well I had a pretty busy weekend and by Monday I was thoroughly wiped out. That was the most I have done socially this year, and now I remember why it's better to spread things out a little but

So let's get to the recapping portion of the story. Remember last week when I posted that one time and I said I had not one,  but 2 dates lined up for last weekend? So ummm yeah I did that. Friday night I met Tinder #1 at Marlow's for happy hour drinks. I broke one of my cardinal rules and did not have a prior phone conversation with him. He is a fellow FSU grad and all of his pics looked reasonably cute and he had a beer in most of them. I figured he must be fun. But then when he greeted me I heard his voice. Dammit Amy... have you not learned anything???

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I feel absolutely horrible for saying this but then I immediately start going through the mental checklist of what else is wrong with him. Because if it's only his voice maybe I can live with it? So I run down the list in my head... he's short (too short), his shirt is untucked like he just got home from work only he's not home yet, his beard is more terrorist and less hipster, and if I'm not mistaken he just said he drinks way too much. Hmmm... he was nice and we had 2 beers and easy conversation. Then he seemed to get annoyed with the bar getting crowded so he suggested we move on to the next location or meet up next week. I opted for the later meeting. Honestly I don't think either of us were into it. We split and no further messages have been exchanged. Clean break.

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Saturday I went to the Namaste For A Beer Tour event at Jekyll Brewing. We did a nice flow yoga class and then sampled 6 beers, got super buzzed, took a brewery tour and that was that. What a fun time and I am still sore. I have not done yoga in ages and that shit is serious. Sadly it was a pretty easy class which tells me what a slug I have become. Of course after all of that we had to go eat  and drink a little more at Butcher and Brew. We started off with Bloody's and goat cheese fritters. I made a better choice for my entree with their Paleo Bowl while my dining companions enjoyed sandwiches and fries and I drooled... a little. Felt good afterward though so it was worth it! I went home Saturday night and crashed.

Sunday I felt like crap from all of the beer/gluten but somehow pulled my shit together to go play tennis against the number one team in my division. Wonder of wonders, after my hot younger partner gave me a small amount of hell for being hung over, we managed to pull off a 3 set victory. The only point our team took for the day. It felt amazing!! I high tailed it home to go shower and get ready for date #2, who amazingly enough did not stand me up. I was convinced one of the 2 would cancel. We had planned on just drinks but ended up having dinner too... surprise!! We had a really good time and he was so, SO cute but, there's always a but lol. He's only mid 30's with 3 kids and very recently divorced , I just don't think that's my jam. But if he asks I'd totally go out with him again, you know just for fun or to hang out. So not a total bust on the dating front thank God.

I may or may not have another date tonight. What is happening here? Tinder is on fire lately.

More on that later....


  1. haha that's awesome but too bad about the 30s/young kids, though. That don't mean you can't have fun, ammirite?? :D

  2. Goat cheese fritters?!?!?! Ok now that's out of the way, I remember one time I had three dates with three guys three nights in a row and two of them were complete bombs. But always talking on the phone first was a must!!!! Don't totally cancel out #2 yet! I tried to friend zone Chris because I thought he wasn't what I wanted at the time (3 years younger and long distance) and now look at us!!! Congrats on the tennis win.

  3. Tinder on fire! You go girl. The first guy...glad that was a clean break!

  4. You go girl! Sorry date 1 was a bust. At least 2 was fun even if you don't see long term potential. Hopefully this next Tinder date rocks...and if not at least Tinder is on fire for you right now!