Thursday By The Numbers

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Well hey. Just thought I'd hit you up with a little inspirational thought for the day and stop by for some QT with my blog.

Work has been kicking my arse (in the best possible way) lately and has not left much time for anything else. At least I really don't want to do any sort of constructive thing that involves more time in front of a computer when I am not working. Hence my absence. I do have a couple of posts in the works about my experiences with micro blading my eyebrows and botoxing my face but they actually require pics and editing and kind of like real blogger stuff so... to be continued on those.

For today, let's keep it simple shall we?

0 - the number of times I have posted in a week

372 - the number of times I have thought about posting in the last week

4 - the number of things I have reintroduced into my diet post Whole30: alcohol, sugar, dairy, grains.

2 - the number of dates with actual men folk I have this weekend... Shoot me... that's a lot for me. One I am really excited about

4 - the number of hours of my life that I spent watching the Falcons implode that I will never get back

1136 - the number of pictures I currently have on my phone

1092 - the number of aforementioned pictures that are of food that I ate

122/65 - my waking blood pressure on the last day of  my January Whole30, I still can't quite wrap my brain around that given with my epic struggles with dangerously high BP

30 - the number of seconds it took for me to blow a couple hundo on freezing my forehead the other day

22 - the number of pages I have filled in my bullet journal and OMG... they are so pretty. Obsessed.

105 - the number of dollars I have saved with my $5 Savings Challenge, I am kind of irrationally happy about this

2 and 3 - the number of nights and days I will have to spend with my ex in Statesboro, GA in June for my daughter's college orientation. Kill me now.

28 - the number of days I have to find the perfect outfit for a huge project kickoff meeting next month. It's really important that I look amazing. I guess I should start shopping now. Dress, skirt, pants? What do you guys think?

34.8 - the number of miles my best friend and I drove home from Ikea last Saturday in 43 degree weather with the rear passenger window rolled down because my new desk was just a wee bit too big for the vehicle we were in. She said it would fit.

Hopefully I can whittle down the days until I can find my way back here next week to just a few. Bye for now. Have a great day!


  1. looking fwd to your update re: botox/microblading!

  2. I can't wait to hear about you dates!!

  3. Ughhh dont even get me started on the damn Falcons!!! It sucks to be an Atlanta sports fan in general. Cant wait to hear about the botox...and maybe the dates?! I say go for a dress. I always feel more put together in a dress, especially for something important.