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Friday, September 4, 2015

The University of Oregon Senior Year Bucket List: The University of Oregon Senior Year Bucket List

Yes... I have been doing exactly this. Hence my absence from this lil space!! Work is great but kicking my ass. Life is full, full of good stuff and busy days, nights and weekends. I am trying to catch up with you all here desperately. Moments turn into hours turn into days that go by and I am just sitting here like "Oh shit, it's September". How in the world did we get here so fast?? I am so excited for this fall! I think it's going to be my best one in a very long time and Labor Day weekend and my birthday kicks it all off! But let's talk a few faves with Amanda first... so many good things...


Pretty sure these are going to be my first fall splurge... the Basel Flat Bootie from Lucky Brand. Love.


It's finally here, College Football Season and guess who couldn't be more excited? This girl right here. So excited I am having a house party to kick it off and blow it out which is what my Noles better do to Texas State this weekend. Who's your team???


I love me some Cole Swindell and this song just makes me want to dance in the bed of a pick up truck. And he's so cute!


I am having friends over on Saturday to grill steaks and I can not have a really good steak without Bernaise Sauce. Found this one on and will be gvivng it a try. Looks amazing and I am sure it will impress. If you have never had this on your steak run, don't walk to your kitchen and bust some out soon! Butter, shallot, tarragon, chervil, white wine, vinegar, butter... and then I died.



We are deep into U.S. Open tennis this week and so far the wardrobe winners go to Serena and Rafa. Nike can do no wrong for me. I want this dress and he is just well, not only a legend but  a Spanish God. This is a bucket list event for me. One day.


Did I mention that it's my birthday on Tuesday? I really want to get another tattoo to commemorate another year gone by but... might have to wait just a minute. Could be doable during the birth month though. I am absolutely in love with this local Atlanta artist Savannah Colleen at Ink & Dagger. Not doing my legs but this is just so amazing and detailed. I love it!!!


How about some birthday party fun in honor of muh birthday month kicking off!!!

Oh Yeah... always a classic...

Nothing like someone throwing up on your cake. 

Drama queen.

How was your birthday? I caught on fire. Worst. Birthday. Ever. 

And a few funny cakes...

Now, how great would this be?!?!: Now, how great would this be?!?!

21st Shenanigans Yay, sprinkle puke!: 21st Shenanigans Yay, sprinkle puke!


cake: cake

cake: cake


And on that note... Bye!!!

Have a great weekend.


  1. I've been loving that the US open is on at night - it's so fun to watch the games!!! I actually had no idea that Hewitt was even playing, but he went out yesterday so no more of that lol! Hope you have a great weekend and a fabulous birthday! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. I am ALL in favor of getting a tattoo for your birthday! I did the same! Haha. I LOVE that detailing too!

  3. i don't get people who do that with cakes (smash faces into it)...that and bride/grooms who do that to each other. it just ruins everything and i would be SO MAD! anyway, serena is fierce; i always stare at her guns when she's playing. that woman is a beast and i love it!

  4. I love those boots! And that bearnaise sauce looks delicious! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Holy hell that guy getting lit on fire was intense....what a nightmare! Those cake phrases are hilarious though...HAPPY (almost) BIRTHDAY, lady!

  6. I got Lucky booties from Nordstrom and they are amazing. So freaking comfortable.

  7. I love booties! I love boots PERIOD! Can't wait until it's time to wear them erryday!

  8. Hahahahahha I love the "sorry I blacked out" cake!

  9. that's a fine leather boots but don't get it wet, it will become weathered or put leather protector like this one