Friday Favorites

Friday, September 18, 2015

That's what matters most, your happiness.:

Well, well here we are again... the most loved day of the week for me. Friday!!! My Friday night mixed doubles season kicks off tonight. Simultaneously with the FSU v. Boston College game unfortunately but oh well. I also have a big birthday party to go to on Saturday night and ladies tennis on Sunday. Gonna be a busy one! All Amy no kids... ahhhhhh heaven!!!So let's get to some favorites with Amanda who will hate my first one...


Give me all the football. FSU Football to be exact as this week we take on BC and it's gonna be tough... GO NOLES!!! Does anyone have a cooler mascot?? Ummm... No. No they don't.


Ok, so I have these in the oven right now. Found on Pinterest from the blog All Things Thrifty and yes I totally posted her picture because well... look at it!!! And mine are still in the oven, poor planning by yours truly. The middle layer is a Hershey's Symphony Bar. My tennis team should be duly impressed tomorrow evening. Will report back but in the mean time go check her out here. She's got all kinds a cool stuff!

best brownies ever with a secret ingredient a


My dear friend Steph talked about this on her blog here. It occurred to me that people in other parts of the country might not be as cool as me and Steph's hubcap MFD when it comes to Yacht Rock. It's a real thing. Yacht Rock Review has a huge following here in Atlanta and they sell out all summer long. I dare you not to sing along and dance. And put on your captain's hat while you're at it! Enjoy!


Ok... so this is multiple tattoos but the point is this is the kind of stuff that I absolutely love. I only have 5 between my two forearms but I love the randomness, the black work, the tiny stippling, the details. This is the direction I want to go...

A Fashion Person's Guide To Tattoo Trends #refinery29


This one wins! My favorite gift this year my YETI Colster from my man friend, a practical gift for the woman who loves cold beer aka, me. I got on Etsy the next day and found the perfect monogram for me at It's All About The Name and had it made in Garnet and Gold of course. Now, much to his dismay, the Yeti has been Seminole-ized. I love it! Check out her shop here!


I feel like this is something I would totally do...

This is so awesome I can hardly stand it. Everyone gets their 15 minutes.

The 25 Best Sports GIFs In The History Of Sports

More football horror... his face!!!!

And some fashion week... her face.

Oh sorry... didn't see your face there. Twice.

 Epic Fail GIFs That will Make You LOL

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!


  1. hahahahahahhahaha FACE! i esp love the drunk guy driving the cart plowing through the crowds!

    for my birthday i've decided to get a tat as well! been thinking of what to get but i have time (wont happen until Dec).

  2. OMG i'm dying over the gifs...I don't know which one is more perfect maybe the football cart one LOL!! I hope you have a fabulous birthday weekend! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Those brownies look delish! I hope they turned out well!!

  4. BAHAHAHAHA the football one where he misses the ball! Your man friend did good. I want a yeti so bad! And it's tagged with your favorite team. Well done! Have an awesome weekend!

  5. lol at your spot gifs your last one make me LOL seriously. how embarrassing!
    Trish - tales from trish

  6. I will admit that really is a cool mascot! Makes the Penn State nittany lion loon lame! And those brownies sound delish!

  7. the tattoos remind me of that new show i watched last night that i cannot remember because i need coffee. but it was good! i need those brownies!! i probably told you this before but my ex bro-in-law was an all-american player for FSU in the 90s. i'm a dawg fan but it's cool to look at his memorabilia.