Humpday Confessions: 7 Things I've Been Doing Instead Of Blogging

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Mmmkay so here I am and I am in the mood to write  a little bit but as usual my thoughts are not organized into any sort of meaningful topic so... I'll just tell you all what I have been up to instead of doing this blog thing every night. 

1. Working - Wait? What? Yes, last Friday was supposed to be my last day  and last Thursday my boss asked me to stay till this Wednesday. Confused? Me too. Then another engineer asked me to stick around and jump on his project for a short little stint starting this Thursday. I was all like "duh, ok". I am not sure how long I can keep this going for but as long as possible is the plan! #werkwerkwerkwerkwerk

2. Interviewing -  Lots and lots of interviewing... ugh. It seems like every company has such a long process these days. Screening, phone, face-to-face, behavioral interviews... I hate it! But the good news is that I am getting calls back. The one I went on for the face to face last week didn't pan out and to be honest with you I didn't feel like it was for me. My face probably gave it away. I have second rounds on one today and one on Friday so... #fingerscrossed #dontsayanythingstupidAmy

3. Eating Donuts & Stuff - I won't talk, you just look.

4. Going Out - Hi. Remember me? The Duchess of Fomeaux (aka FOMO: Fear of Missing Out) #cantstopwontstop #needtostop

5. Playing Tennis - I had my first singles match and I lost but I kind of loved it. It was all on me. I didn't have to figure out what the hell my partner was doing or where he/she was because it was just me. It was hard as shit and I was so tired but I played really, really well. And I did it. #feetstillhurt #runningsuckshairyballs

6. Obsessing - Still over my sad single situation. I've been Tindering away to no avail and hanging with that old stand by Mr. Dumb Dumb. Confession... I spend a lot of time with a guy that only wants to be friends and I want to be more than friends. We tried it but the timing was wrong last year and it didn't really work but we still hang together all the time. #welcometotheshitshow

7. Planning  - As in I keep thinking I am about to be unemployed for a minute so I want to do all of these things I don't normally have time to do. You know like deep cleaning, good willing, craig's listing, getting a new tattoo. Don't judge, I already saved up the money. #imdoingit #yofuckinglo

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  1. Great post for your current situation of not blogging a lot but still letting us (your minions) know what's going on in your world :)

  2. Good luck on the interview/job hunting! that part sucks balls but you will land something awesome :)

  3. Give me all the food in those pictures!!! YUM!!!! That is awesome that you are getting extended at work. Hopefully something will come out of these interviews that you have this week! Sending you all the best!

  4. All of the foods. I need them! I have the worst cases of FOMO!

  5. Oh so much good food in that photo! I don't even know what is in the bottom left photo but it looks amazing! Good luck as you continue going through all of your interviews!

  6. #yofuckinglo....hilarious!! That's how I think about half of my life these days! It's crazy! I know it's dumb to say...but everything WILL work out for the best. of it. Hang in there lady!!

  7. Give me all the food, please! So delicious looking! Enjoy your days of unemployment- sometimes it's good to actually enjoy free time since it's so rare. You'll be back to the working grind before ya know it ;) Also, love your doughnut picture!

  8. Hurrah for job extension!

    I love donuts on coffee cups.

    LOLOL @ Fomoeaux.

  9. The food you've been eating looks super delish. I hate interviews too. That's one reason why I stay at my current job.

  10. yay i'm glad you're loving the singles tennis, and yay for work keeping you on for a little longer, i hope it keeps happening!

  11. OMG - this was fun! #4 is my favorite and I'm so totally the same . . . Glad you're still employed but hoping for an amazing new job!! And the food. I drool. Maybe Mr. Dumb Dumb is just a temporary distraction so you will be available when Mr. Right shows up - the power of positive thought, right!?!