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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

#humpday  by clutchchicken:

Happy Humpday! Halfway there and this week has been a whirlwind of activity for me as usual. I am still employed but I am starting to get a little panicky about the job sitch and if you don't know what I am talking about looka here. However, I have some big opportunities on the horizon that just appeared out of nowhere so say a little prayer for me if you do that! #senddontfuckitupvibes #namaste

Truthfully, I have not been doing much of anything productive lately. My mind has been preoccupied with work stuff and I can't even focus on anything else. No goals in sight except for getting through this day and getting up again tomorrow and doing it all over again. #imregroupingtho #dontworry

Currently...My house is kind of a wreck... for me. Laundry is piled up. Cleaning is needed. I do try to clean a little every couple of days but mostly just the necessities like the floors and the bathrooms and kitchen. It still looks decent. I am actually feeling more inclined to purge a bunch of stuff right now rather than having to keep cleaning around it. My house seems to be full of stuff I don't love anymore. #timetochuckit #springcleanitintothetrash

My daughter is starting her second job this week. She quit her first one after a year because they were being douchey and taking advantage of her. She will officially now be working at the sports bar/restaurant where I spend most of my time with my friends. We both actually think this is pretty cool. It's closer to home and I'll probably end up seeing her more. And now I have a spy in place for when I am not around. #whostheboss #iam

Did I mention how proud I am of my teenager for already working her ass off at a job and excelling in school? Well... I am. #raisingqualityhumans

I have been experiencing kind of irrational but somewhat founded rage toward someone in my extended circle of friends. This particular person irritates me to no end and because of our group activities I seem to find myself in her company way more than I would like to be. #whydoesshebotherme #ohyeah #shesanasshole

Here is something that still after all this time blogging drives me batty... the "" comments on my blog. I seem to be getting a lot of them again lately and although I truly appreciate the new readers I want to be able to interact with you. If you comment and never hear back from me I can 100% guarantee that this is the reason why. I can't email you back because of this stupid setting you have checked! But it's an easy fix so go here and do it today... and then comment away! #pleaseforthelove

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  1. That is so awesome that your daughter is going to be working at one of your favorite places to hang! Maybe you will have the insider scoop :) She sounds like an upstanding young lady. Mad props to you mom, who raised her right!! I have a distant "friend" that gets on my ever last nerve more often than not. Luckily I only have to see her every once in awhile. Sending you all the good vibes!

  2. Ha....the no reply. A lot of the people that comment are not bloggers...hence the issue. Google + accounts default to no-reply, and there literally isn't a way to fix it unless they switch to a blogger account...even if they don't blog!! It's SO. DUMB. I'm about to get a new interface just because of this!

  3. oh my good gravies...I have a post in draft about pet peeves. I just need to copy and paste your comments about no-reply bloggers. Ugh.

    I like the raising quality humans hashtag. My 19 year old niece wasn't forced to work. In fact my bro and sis-in-law have always said studies come first. She is a quality student in a quality university...and she has worked since she was 16 because she admits that she has a *slight* shopping addiction, and she wants her own money. I applaud teenagers like her and your daughter.

  4. nooooo there are still no-reply bloggers out there? that just makes me sad. but look at that girl of yours, kicking ass + taking names! good for her!!!!!

  5. Oh god yes, the no reply commenters drive me crazy! I used to be super nice and search our their email and email them how to fix it - and then most of them still just kept commenting no-reply and I gave up. Sounds like we're both having "super" weeks. Here's hoping the weekend gets here sooner rather than later!

  6. yes to the no reply bloggers. i try and find their emails but there are some i just can't find and i give up. i laughed at #raisingqualityhumans. you sure are! that is awesome.

  7. Why is no-reply the default setting?! Makes no sense. If they wanted privacy they wouldn't be commenting on blogs while logged in to their account.

    Also, I'm new, how old is your daughter? You should be proud.

  8. So impressive that your daughter is working and rocking it in school - high five to her!!! When I'm feeling out of control and like my life is crazy, getting rid of shit can definitely pull me back to center - it just reminds me that it's only stuff and I don't need most of it! And I feel you on the friend thing - it sucks when it's a group and one is annoying AF but you can't get away from them. Hope you're well. I'm behind on life but trying to catch up!


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