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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

If you weren't here yesterday then you missed the biggest bomb of all. I do not want to recap it but you can check it for yourself here. So it's Wednesday already. This week is flying by and I am looking forward to another night of spring break solitude. I think I will take the dog for a walk tonight though and get my ass off the couch because I promised I would. But I don't want to, I really want to go home and put on the same crappy t-shirt and yoga pants I slept in and surf the couch. Is it really pathetic that these are my thoughts the exact minute I wake up in the morning? Am I alone? #getonmylevel

So I have been thinking about my situation a lot... #obvi... and here's what...

My kids get out of school in 7 weeks. If I am home with them 24/7 I might go insane, literally. The last time I was unemployed it was over the winter and they were in school so I had a quiet house every day. I actually didn't hate it! #kidsareannoying #theyare

If I could have 2 weeks off and then find a job that would be perfect. #heyuniverse #puttingitoutthere

The thought of interviewing and finding another position that I love scares the shit out of me. I am not a great interviewer and if I get a bad vibe when I walk in I am just awful. #cantplaypokereither

Also I think I need to invest in a new interview outfit. For you ladies out in the working world please give me your thoughts on best pieces. #suitsmakemecringe

The lawn mower I was gifted last summer broke down half way thru my son's first attempt at mowing a few weeks ago. #becausethatsmylife

But...I found a guy who came and did everything for me yesterday pretty cheap. What a treat to come home to a freshly cut, edged and trimmed up yard. #nowmyneighborswonthateme #itwasajungle

I thought The Walking Dead season finale sucked. Anyone else? They spent the extra 30 minutes driving in reverse. #backthatazzup

I went out to eat the other night by myself and I didn't hate it. I sat at the bar and had a nice dinner and a glass of wine. I used to get so freaked out by this, now I kinda think it's cool. If I want to go somewhere I just go. #singleAF #idowhatiwant


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  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your job...I really hope that all the experience you gained will help make the job search less of a hassle and you quickly find something you like! xo, Biana

  2. As much as I hate to admit it, it is stressful when the kids are home ALL THE TIME! I bet something awesome is waiting for you . . . I'm excited to for all the good things to come! Know what? I actually don't mind eating out by myself . . . maybe it was years of working and traveling alone, but it's kind of nice. Glad you treated yourself to a night out!

  3. I totally think about getting out of my work pants and into my lounge clothes and wtching tv on the couch just about every day when I wake up. Haha. Interviews are like tests and I am not the best test taker, so I feel you. I have always worn suits even though I hate them.

  4. I like going out to places by myself. I learned this when I moved by myself from Texas to Cali for a year (in 2003). I went exploring, out to eat, to the movies, to concerts ... all by myself and learned to enjoy it.

  5. haha I love the hashtags. I dont have kids yet but I can imagine that being home with them all day everyday can be annoying. No shame in saying it!

  6. I love going out to eat by myself. I always read.

    I am all about pants and a dressier cardigan with a nice shirt and simple jewelry for interviews. Or a dress and a cardigan. I automatically suck when I'm wearing a suit jacket.