10 Tips to Help You Have A Super Successful Whole30

Thursday, December 29, 2016

It's that time of year again. Time for me to start blowing up your feeds with Whole30 this and Whole30 that, yadda yadda yadda and so forth and so on. Sorry, not sorry. I get excited about it because I love it and it's not as scary or as daunting as everyone thinks it is. But, if you're gonna do it, there are a few things you gotta know so read on!

30 days does not seem like a lot of time does it? We all know any given month can go by in the blink of an eye for the most part. The month that you do a Whole30 will not be like that, hate to break it to ya. In fact, the first one  may just be the longest 30 days of your life. I don't mean this necessarily in a bad way but you will find yourself hyper focused on what day it is in your Whole 30 timeline, what stage you are in and when you will start to feel the tiger blood every day... for 30 days. That's totally normal. I promise. Chunking those days off the calendar until you can have your precious slice of toast in the morning or that beautiful glass of Merlot in the evening again may feel a bit torturous. It's worth it, I swear. 

There are actually a lot of things that you need to know  to get you through the hard times, the dark days, the eternal despair that the thought of a life without cheese may bring. Luckily you have me (and a billion other people but mostly me) to give you some sound advice, tips and tricks to get you through to the other side. I have written a bunch of other posts about Whole30 so if you need more of my crazy sage wisdom look here and here, I like these two. 

ONE - Plan

I really can't stress this enough. (But, I am a planner) This is not something you just decide to do and start immediately with no fore thought. Take a few days and CLEAN out your fridge and pantry. Buy one of the books or get online and look at the Whole30 website, Instagram, Pinterest Boards. There is a wealth of info, support, recipes and just about every question you will have has been answered. Get a NOTEBOOK and make shopping lists, jot down meal plans and ideas, what you think you might like for meals on the go, snacks and beverages. BUY food storage containers, leftovers will be your best friend. LOOK at your calendar and see what lies ahead that could be tough to navigate while on Whole30. Just plan it out and make sure you will have what you need for at least the first few days of your Whole30 when thinking tends to be a bit challenging. 

TWO - Shop

Since you are not going to be eating any processed foods for 30 days you are going to be at the store a lot. Get used to it. I try not to buy vast quantities of anything but make more frequent trips to the store because I need variety to stay really engaged. Instead of focusing on what you are eliminating think about all of the amazing fresh foods you can have and make some new friends at your local Whole Foods, ALDI, Sprouts and Earthfare... or whatever you have where you live. 

THREE - Make Ahead

If thinking about breakfast and lunch during the work week is the bane of your existence like it is mine find things that you can make ahead so you can grab and go. If I have to think too long or too hard I might find myself in the drive thru at Chick-Fil-A getting a chicken biscuit. So for breakfast I'll have a dozen egg muffins ready in the fridge already portioned out in ziplocs. Lunch might be a big batch of chicken salad portioned out and packed with 2 or 3 lettuce leaves so I can make a quick wrap in the car or at my desk. You do not want to have to figure out what you are eating at the last second.

FOUR - Read the books, blogs and social media

I still buy books so I have all of the Whole30 books/cookbooks and I highly recommend (you actually read) them. But honestly there is so much information out there to soak up, take advantage of all of it. I also recommend you go to YouTube and watch some of Melissa Hartwig's (the creator of Whole30) videos. She's just cool and one of those people that it's easy to listen to. Follow all of the main accounts on IG too, I learn so much just by interacting with others that way.

FIVE -  Brace yourself

It never fails. People will tell you it's dumb. They will say it's unhealthy to eliminate entire food groups. Wrong. It's an exercise in many things, discipline, self control and awareness for a start. Gently remind them that people can be eliminated as well. 

SIX - Commit to not weighing and measuring (yourself)

This is so hard for so many people but it is important. Whole30 is NOT about pounds or inches lost. It's a nice side effect but just don't for awhile. Focus on how you feel and nothing else. Do take measurements and weight before you start but then DO NOT revisit again until Day 31. 

SEVEN - Eat.

I bet you like food. Well I fucking love it... in case you were wondering. This is why Whole30 is so awesome. You get to eat. And eat, and eat and eat. Don't count a calorie or a fat gram. If it is compliant and you want it just eat it. And don't worry about portion size for now either. If you're hungry just eat. Again, focus on how you feel. Feeling full because you ate too much is different than feeling sick because you ate a bunch of garbage food.

EIGHT - Try new things

This goes with the one above really. But seriously, now is not the time to get bored. I truly believe if you just eat the same things or a combination thereof for 30 days you are far more likely to fail. No, you will fail actually. Most people can't sustain a monotonous diet and there is no reason in the world not to be eating something different and new every day. If you look forward to your next meal as much as I do this should really make you happy. Don't get in a rut, if you can't stand the thought of another egg for breakfast don't eat one. 

NINE - Avoid triggers

This was really big for me the first time around. Don't do things or go to places that might be triggers for you and sabotage your Whole30. If all of your friends are meeting up and they suggest going to the place that serves your favorite deep dish pizza that you order every time you go, I would suggest another option or skip it all together.  I liken this to the drug addict who gets out of rehab and goes straight to the place where all of his druggie friends hang out, doing drugs. Why torture yourself like that? 30 days is not that long, you can wait. 

TEN - Relax about it

Don't freak out. Now, I don't mean cheat a little here and there and don't worry about it, because that is too relaxed and it will ruin your Whole30. What I mean by relax is really that, enjoy this time to do other things that don't revolve around food but are also just for you. Read books, journal, get more sleep, blog more, take a hot bath... whatever it is that helps you get and stay centered. I find that establishing new patterns with food really can spill over into other areas of your life with very positive effects. Take advantage of that!

Good Luck!


  1. yay! can't wait to read your journey again.

    gym finally opened up after being closed for the holidays since friday and it felt SO GOOD to hit some pads. my partner asked if i was angry because i was punching the pads so hard and i laughed and told her "no, it's just that i've been away from here for a few days and excited to get back to it". i think she asked to switch because i suddenly found myself with a more experienced pad holder LOL.

  2. you go girl! i think it's awesome. i am not doing a whole 30 but i think these tips are great, especially the avoiding your trigger. whenever i try to be 'good' it's always something like you mentioned that will 'ruin' it, and while i don't want to avoid forever, definitely need to in the beginning!

  3. Every time you post about Whole 30 I just want to do it again... actually I think I thought I wanted to do my 2nd one because you kept posting about it. I think I am going to give it a 3rd shot but not until I move in February.

  4. I try to eat pretty cleanly but I've been thinking of doing a Whole 30 after the new year. These are great tips!

  5. Planning is the way to make whole 30 work for sure. I had already meal planned and shopped for the week before I did this last year so it wasn't any additional work but it certainly reminded me that it's what can make or break you. I had to laugh at reminding people that they can be eliminated!! People can really suck and be unsupportive trolls sometimes, am I right?!

  6. I'm super interested in trying this - my one question is around going out to that something you can do? I'd hate to miss out on social things because most restaurants won't have options that fit within the Whole 30 plan...

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