Humpday Confessions

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

  • It's been pushing 70 degrees for 3 or 4 days now and it's pissing me off. Umm last I checked it was December. The weather needs to start acting like it. I am not in any condition to be wearing shorts.

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  • I ate half a tub of cheese dip with tortilla chips for dinner Monday night while binge watching Breaking Bad seasons 1 and 2 and drinking wine. Why didn't you guys tell me that show was so damn good. Can't believe it took me this long to watch it. 

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  • So one of my favorite Christmas gifts to myself was this new bag. My old one was falling apart and nothing looks tackier out in the world than a shitty falling apart hand bag. So I splurged and I love it. I got the same color combo too, grey suede, gold embroidery only I chose a vertical format double monogram for the letters. Love.

Suede Boho Tote: Gray

  • I am fairly certain that I have consumed about 862 cookies this holiday season as well as cakes, pies and various other decadent desserts. All hail the sugar dragon. The first week of my Whole30 is going to be actual hell for this but... I'll think about that tomorrow. 

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  • I have zero plans for NYE this year. ZEH-RO. I hate this holiday anyway but every damn year I struggle to find the perfect way to spend the evening. The real problem is that this movie ruined me forever. I am still waiting for this moment to happen to me on new years .

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  • It's actually far more likely that my NYE would end up going more like Thelma and Louise than When Harry Met Sally. Maybe I should just stay home. 

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  • My office is dead this week and work is just how I like it, slow. I have time to catch up, dress down and take long lunches. This is the last week I will be going to lunch for most likely the next 30 days so I am making the most of it. 

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  • It looks like my office will be officially be moving to another location at the end of the first quarter. With that comes the opportunity for me to work from home a few days a week. This means that my home office, which has become a storage room, needs a complete makeover. I am so exited. I am going to put all my shit on Let Go and start from scratch. Hoping to go from this...

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  • To something more like this... it could happen. 

Desi Perkins | Before and After: A YouTube Star’s Glam Office Makeover:
  • And I know I promised link up info and I am lazy working on it... stay tuned. Happy Humpday!


  1. right now, there are 2 bags of giant flavoured Kernels popcorn that my bitchass cousin dropped off as our gifts and i'm like bitch, what are you doing? get that shit outta my face! but the whore just laughed as she drove away. now i can't stop looking at it.

  2. Watched When Harry Met Sally on Christmas Eve & cried all the tears. Where's my damn Harry? Breaking Bad is SO good! I didn't watch it while it was on but I binge watched it a couple of years back.

  3. It's 85 here today. EIGHTY FREAKING FIVE. In december. I don't understand.

  4. I have never had the perfect NYE. They've been fun but never like what I see on movies or what others have experienced it seems. Idk if I've built up the idea too much or what? I'm happy going out or just staying in. Still haven't decided what to do!

  5. Loved breaking bad!! I've been ummm eating all the bad things around the house to get rid of them before whole 30 haha. Not the point but oh well. Yay for getting to work from home some! I will be doing a little of that when I go back to work from leave as well and I have the exact same problem. My office has turned into a storage dump all room. Love the inspiration picture you're going for!

  6. Did you end up having plans for NYE? I was with family at my mom's on the couch - which was fine by me because people are nuts and I don't like being on the roads! And how cool that you might get to work from home - that rocks in Atlanta so you can avoid the traffic and hours of wasted time sitting in it!!!

  7. It's good that I came across your blog.