Weekending - Holiday Thoughts

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

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I am really enjoying the holiday season this year for the most part, except all the idiots in parking lots... hate them. I say that because in recent years it has been a little challenging to enjoy. Getting used to new traditions, family dynamics, being out of work, stress about money, stress about making sure everyone had enough, have all been at the forefront of my mind and spirit over the last few years. It  puts a damper on the joyfulness that is supposed to be Christmas. But, what I have learned is that it all works out just fine. Whatever you get done or don't get done it really doesn't matter. Spend a little, spend a lot, it makes no difference. Every year it pretty much goes off without a hitch, we have great food, plenty of gifts, massive amounts of quality time together and love. Those last two are my favorites by far. This year I find that I am really not worried about anything and I don't feel stressed. I am here, I have my family and we are all healthy. Whatever else happens happens, I already have all of the good stuff.

But still, I am looking forward to rounding out the month with more good stuff. My youngest turns 11 on Thursday and I will be hosting 7 eleven year olds for a unicorn rainbow themed pizza party sleepover on Friday night with a waffle bar in the morning, then bye little Felicia's. I have a holiday party Saturday night with my squad. It's a dirty Santa and I am bringing this. I mean who doesn't like a good cookbook?

 I spent part of the last weekend getting all geared up for some holiday baking that I plan to start this week and weekend. To me homemade goodies are one of the best gifts to give and receive. Since in years prior my non working oven was an issue I am especially looking forward to creating some treasured family recipes like my Grandmother's baklava!

Delicious Baklava Recipe!!:

I am also whole heartedly looking forward to back to back 3 day weekends. I have to get through two more full work weeks then, I get the glorious extra day to fuck off and read books, binge watch Vikings and lay around in my jammies for 2, yes two long weekends in a row. I am seriously considering starting my Whole30 on Jan. 3rd  just so I can order pizza on my last extra day off. That would make life complete. BTW, I finally had one of the best in Atlanta last week at Old Fourth Ward Pizza and not gonna lie... been dreaming about it ever since! They call this the Grandma Pie and it's to die for. Giving up pizza is by far the hardest part of Whole30 and Paleo eating. Just look at that thing.

Speaking of Whole30 I am super excited to get back to it and knock out my 3rd one. I have been cleaning out my pantry and freezer of any excess garbage to make way for all the healthy goodness. I am most excited to 100% eliminate dairy for awhile as I am certain it is the source of a lot of my allergy like symptoms and  tummy troubles. Which really sucks cause... I luh cheese. My goal this time is to do a better job of sustaining throughout the year. 2015 I did awesome. 2016 epic FAIL. I will NOT do that again! Tomorrow (or Jan. 3rd) is another chance to start over and get it right. Got the new cookbook too, I can not resist a new cookbook. I also find the best way to attack Whole30 is to immerse yourself in the food and cook... a lot. It starts with food.

I don't think this was really a weekending post at all, just me rambling again. Oops, but lately I figure if you follow my social media you saw it all anyway and it would be redundant to rehash. Hope you all are off to a great start this week!



  1. i don't do dairy (ie liquid) but i do eat cheese once in a while. for some weird reason, i can't take milk and yogurt in very small amounts but i can take cheese. go figure.

  2. Good luck with your third Whole 30. I did pretty decent on my first one & epically failed my 2nd one. LOL I came across that cookbook a year or 2 ago & had forgotten all about it until a picture of it came across my Timehop a couple of days ago.

  3. That cookbook is super awesome. I would give that as my White Elephant gift, but all my relatives are super religious. They might burn down my house :) Hope your Christmas is as relaxing as possible!

  4. There are few times in my life I have been as happy as when I eliminated dairy for a few months and absolutely nothing happened. All the dairy.