Hump Day Confessions

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

There are 10 shopping days until Christmas y'all. I am counting Christmas Eve because it's a Saturday and technically you could still run out and buy a lil something booze if you had to. I am fairly certain I will be one of those people out buying that one last thing on Christmas Eve this year.

I am pretty sure that along with Whole30 Round 3 in January I will be instituting a self imposed spending freeze. I have been out of control lately buying myself any old thing that I want because YOLO. Also my job is very client facing so I feel justified in any work wardrobe related purchases. And then I also bought the record player and I keep buying records. Yeah, time to reign that shit in. But I just bought this because the tote I have been using for 18 mos is falling apart... and they sent me a 15% off coupon. Isn't it gorge?

Suede Boho Tote: Gray

So the official January Whole30 starts for the rest of the world on Jan. 2. If I start that day it means I'll be starting on my day off. I've done this before and it's fine but I kind of want the liberty to maybe go to donuts/breakfast/lunch/brunch... aka drinks, that day if I want to. But my inner follower makes me want to start on the same day as everyone else and not feel left out. Decisions.

My ex is back in case anyone is wondering. Look like I will be  getting my kid free weekends back permanently or until he splits again. Kids are happy and that is all that matters.

I went to ALDI the other day in a vain attempt to save money on groceries. I drove around the parking lot 3 times, got cut off  for parking spots twice  by fools pulling forward thru 2 spots. I encountered one spot with a grocery cart left in it and another with a man in the spot next to the vacant one apparently cleaning out his car for 5 minutes. Don't get me started on the family of 5 meandering down the center of the traffic lane in the parking lot oblivious to cars trying to get around them. I left and paid full price for groceries elsewhere. This drives me nuts.

I'm not buying anything new to wear to any holiday parties that is festive or Holiday-ish. I don't like clothing that is glittery, furry, bejeweled, velvet or red. Aside from that I plan to be back down 5 or 20 pounds in a month so why should I invest in something new? Not gonna do it. And besides that, my only holiday party is with a group of my closest friends, they won't care if I show up in my jammies.

I am obsessed with Hunting Hitler on the History channel. Does anyone else watch this? It's pretty fascinating to me the network of former Nazi's that apparently escaped and set up in another country, perhaps with Hitler... dun dun dunnnnn. I am totally down with conspiracy theory on this kind of stuff so I am buying what they are selling. Doesn't hurt that the host is ARMY Special Forces soldier and MMA fighter Tim Kennedy. Not one bit.

Image result for tim kennedy

Happy Wednesday. How is it only Wednesday?


  1. start when you want! that way you can have one last hurrah and then go 100% whole 30!

  2. I don't think I knew your ex was gone.

    LOL I don't like most things that are furry or glitzy either. Sometimes. I do like red though.

    I've also been buying myself anything and everything. I must stop in January.

  3. I say start the 3rd. That way, NO RAGRETS! I like red but the rest, no.

  4. Starting a diet in a day off can be rough! Especially if you're counting on one last hurrah. I say start when you want. It's only one day difference. I'm glad that your kids are happy that their dad is back. Sucks that he can come and go as he pleases though. I haven't really bought a whole lot for myself this year since I've been pregnant, but we've certainly bought a lot of baby stuff and you know hospital bills and shit I can't go crazy either. Hopefully I will drop like 20 lbs in January for whole 30 because otherwise...I'm gonna be angry haha. Also, we will probably out somewhere Friday or Saturday picking up some last minute thing too. Happens every year no matter what planning we did.