Friday Favorites - My All Time Favorite Hangover Remedies & A Link Up

Friday, December 30, 2016

25 GIFs That Perfectly Sum Up Having A Hangover

"You're a loony!"  ~ King Arthur

So I kind of set aside the weekly post formats of  Weekend Re-cap, Humpday Confessions and Friday Favorites awhile back because frankly, I was boring myself to tears. I got tired of writing the same format over and over, week after week and just taking the easy way out. But... every once in awhile I don't mind sneaking one in here or there especially with a twist, like today. It is Friday of NYE weekend after all so I thought I would share with you all of my favorite, time tested, Amy approved hangover remedies. I mean, I have been slightly inebriated the entire month of December so I know of where I speak. We're keepin it real here folks. You can thank me on Sunday when you realize you are no longer 21 and not invincible.

Sleep - This one may seem obvious but hey, you were dumb enough to stay up 2 or 10 hours past your regular bedtime getting hammered so I think it bears reiterating. There is no substitute for good old fashioned shut eye to cure yourself. Especially as you age when hangovers can last 2 days. Go to bed and just stay there as long as you possibly can or until work Monday morning.

Brunch - Food can be key. I suggest if you must get up try going out for brunch. Brunch is a bit more substantial than just breakfast and often includes special brunch cocktails that may in fact help... I'll get to that in a sec. I would go with like a hash of some sort, a benedict or maybe some fried chicken and waffles. You want to balance out the protein to carb to fat ratio for the optimal hangover brunch benefits.

Bloody Mary's - I know. Before you get all "aww hell nawwwww" hear me out. The hair of the dog is not a myth. It's a scientific fact. Hangovers are basically withdrawal from the delicious alcohol that just hours before made you feel like a million doll hairs. Short answer... a bloody mary is the perfect choice because when they garnish it with a whole bunch of stuff it's basically a food also, with vodka. Just try it.

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Bitters & Soda - Now, having said all of that some hangovers make it virtually impossible to eat or drink anything... without kneeling before the porcelain God and giving it all back. If your stomach is upset and queasy I swear by a glass of soda water (or regular water) and a few splashes of Angostura Bitters. Yes, it is actually used in making some drinks and if you want to know all about it just click on the link for more science. The important thing here is it works like a charm, magic I tell ya. You can find it in the grocery or liquor store with all of the mixers and such. Even if you are not hung over but just have some tummy issues, hiccups, acid reflux or gas it works! Bonus... if you make it to the bar for round 2 and you start feeling the ick the bartender will have all the ingredients on hand to mix you one up. Carry on.

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Coconut Water/Gatorade - If your hangover leaves you feeling like your skull is 2 sizes too small and the inside of your mouth is lined with your Grandpa's wool sweater congrats... you're extremely dehydrated. Good job. If you have any nurse or doctor pals I would say try to trick them into hooking you up with a banana bag, that's a bag of IV fluids for you amateurs, they work great. If you do not,coconut water would be your next best choice, preferably straight from the coconut or Costco is good too. It is rich in potassium and magnesium and a bunch of other good stuff that helps with hydration. I love me some Gatorade/Diet Mountain Dew too but they are quite high in sodium and calories, sugar, artificial sweeteners and you know I am just not down for that because... healthy.

Grease & Carbs (aka Waffle House & Pizza) - So now that we covered some science let's take a look at history. Historically all mammals crave the most energy dense foods in an effort to stay alert and alive. Fats and carbs technically fall into that category since they are full of calories. So basically if you feel like you are dying of a hangover and you can't move, your inner cave man roars and you drag ass to the nearest place to get your grease on. Or you order pizza with the Dominos app from your bed and tell the delivery guy to leave it on the front porch. Either way, trust me, it works.

Zaca - This is actually a new one for me and I feel like it has worked pretty well. It's a "lifestyle nutritional supplement" aka hangover pill. It's all natural, which I like and it has all the stuff your body needs to recover... basically electrolytes, antioxidants and herbs that are believed to have some hangover prevention properties. The cool thing about this is that all of the same things work well for combatting jet lag, post workout recovery and pretty much any general fatigue. You can take these before during or after your big party. I recommend before. If you would like to try these you can use code CRAZYWISE for 10% off your order. Yes, I make a few pennies on that but I have been using this product for several months and I wouldn't recommend it if I didn't think it worked. I keep them in my purse because you never know when you might find a drink in front of you unexpectedly... happens to me all the time. Check it out here.

Aaaaand... last but not least, after you are done with all of your partay-ing come link up with Nadine and I and get your butt back on track. Commit to 30 days, it doesn't have to be Whole30 but that's what we are doing, and buckle down with your eating, workouts, purging your crap, a spending freeze ... whatever you feel like is needing a reset in your world! Link up on Monday Jan. 2nd and we will do a weekly check in every Tuesday in January. We are here to cheer each other on!

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Happy, Happy New Year!


  1. Heck yes to a bloody mary! I always make sure to eat something, pop an advil, & drink a glass of water before bed if I've been drinking.

  2. Greasy food is always my go to, chris likes coconut water. I'm so ready to rock whole 30!

  3. These are great tips! I've never heard of the bitters idea so I will have to remember that!

  4. my go-to was always a greasy breakfast the morning after...the night before, a huge glass of water and pop 2 advils and go straight to bed.

    i'm so ready to do this linkup with you guys!

  5. I am in full agreement with the "hair of the dog" and greasy foods but you have thrown me for a loop with the bitters. Sounds gross - yes or no? Getzy uses bitters when he makes Manhattan's (also gross) so we always have them on hand!