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Wednesday, January 4, 2017 #getinfected ☮:


Garbage. I bet no one else in this link up is going to say that lol. Do you ever feel like everything around you is just garbage? I am sure this is Whole30 Day 2/3 talking but I keep looking around my house wondering how come I can not get out from under the hoard no matter how much I donate or throw away. Maybe if I actually finished reading Marie Kondo's book it would help. Maybe if I put myself on the strictest of spending freezes it would help. Maybe if I scheduled a weekly trip to Goodwill on the way home from work, for example, it would help.  I don't know but I feel like I am constantly gathering garbage. Maybe it's just the influx of crap over the holidays. Maybe I'm just hangry. I dunno...


Basic food. After months of rich casseroles, appetizers, fun cocktails and elaborate cheese boards I am back to basic bitch meals. I know that eating Whole30 does not have to be boring at all but the whole process takes so much more work in the beginning because of the shift in thinking I almost find it easier to just keep it really simple. That means simple roasted or grilled meat, seafood and veggies for most meals, hard boiled eggs or egg muffins for breakfast, lots of fruit, some nuts and Whole30 mayo made into about 100 different sauces.


Non-Alcoholic Bevvies.Water, LaCroix (by the gallon), Hot tea, 100% cranberry juice (like a drop or two) and black coffee. No more bourbon, fireball, wine, champagne or craft beers for awhile. Capital WHOMP WHOMP.


Too Many Live Feeds. Between IG Live, Stories & Snapchat stories I find myself wasting enormous amounts of time just watching strangers do they thang all the live long day. I'll push play in the morning while I'm at my vanity and just let it play through all of the people I follow that have stories.  It's fascinating to me somehow. I feel like a voyeur and then an hour goes by and I realize I should be heading to work or sleeping or whatever. Does anyone else do this? The one thing I don't get is the people on IG live who just sit there and wait for people to say things to them. Huh? Don't do that, you're weird.


I don't really make resolutions anymore per se but in the spirit of the link up I am resolving to just get thru the next 28 days and this reset. Part 2 of that is to do the next phase of that reset, reintroduction, with intention and not let myself get derailed again totally. I can do this.

Linking up with Anne & Jessica!


  1. i'm moving away from social media and really only look at it when i'm bored and waiting in line somewhere....otherwise i try and keep myself busy with other things (crochet, reading, blogging etc).

    i still have 3/4 bottle of wine left and it's been in my fridge for a whole 2 days which is amazing considering it would be gone by now (pre-reset LOL).

  2. Not a fan of live stories. Give me good up straight Instagram and I'm good.

    I'm also gathering garbage!

  3. I sort of am gathering garbage too, we're trying to get rid of more things, so I totally relate to that!

  4. Keeping it simple really does seem like the way to go after the holidays. I seriously can hardly remember what I even ever used to make for dinner, after so many evenings of parties and such! I hope you get what you need from your reset - you totally can do this! Thanks for joining us, as always :)

  5. I have been on a social media accidental break . . . no wifi at my mom's for a week cut things down and I just didn't miss it. It really is such a time suck . . . I'm a nosey nelly so I love to see what's up with folks but seriously, I have so much other shit to do!

  6. I definitely do not understand IG live! I didn't even know it was a thing and am still trying to figure out its purpose, which makes me feel old. :) Thanks for linking up!