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Monday, January 9, 2017

Vas te faire encule, lundi. Qui aime la baise lundi? Putain, pourquoi dites-vous bonjour à la pire journée de la semaine?:

And I hardly left my house all weekend. It was glorious. In all fairness we had ice, followed by snow, followed by ice which makes navigating around here challenging so fuck that noise, I stayed in. I wore no makeup, fuzzy socks, slippers, leggings as pants and sweatshirts all weekend. I got all of my Christmas decor taken down except the tree. I drag that into the woods behind my house because nature is the best recycler and I am sure some creature can make a home out of it or something. That will have to wait a few more days until the ice thaws.

I cooked a bit, just a bit. Seriously y'all I feel like I am living in the kitchen right now. But that's ok. Finding the groove takes a minute or two.

My daughter turned 18 on Saturday so we celebrated a little at home with her favorite meal, fettuccine alfredo,  which I didn't even take a picture of because I didn't eat any. It just feels wrong to photograph someone else's plate and honestly I didn't want to smell it... cheese is my kryptonite. I also made a Mocha Chocolate Chip Cheesecake because she loves coffee, chocolate and cheesecake most of all. The kids all said it was the best ever. Check out the pin here.  I bought my younger daughter a store bought cake for her bday in December for $18.99 and ended up throwing half of it away, so dumb to try to save time and waste money. I can make something 1000x better for a fraction of the cost. I am putting a piece in the freezer so that I can enjoy a little after my Whole30 is done. Isn't she beautiful? This girl works 2 jobs, is dual enrolled taking all college classes as a senior and will start college in the fall in a pre-veterinary program with a year of credits already complete. I have to brag on that, she is amazing!!

Speaking of Whole30, we will officially be linking up with all of the resetters tomorrow so grab this button if you are getting Back on Track with Nadine and I and tell us how your first week went! I have things I am itching to get off my chest about this round!

 photo back on track_zpsshveu21l.png

I am trying to start a bullet journal to sort of track food, health, fitness and goals primarily this year. It's such a cool concept for lists, goals, journaling, sketching, etc.  Does anyone use one of these? I say I'm trying because although they say it's easy to set up I am finding it a bit labor intensive mostly because I am a Virgo and I want perfection. I want it to look pretty... like this:


Cause I am sure I have time for this right? But I bought the book so I am going to at least attempt it. I mean it's a constructive and creative use of my time if I am not going out eating, drinking and socializing for awhile. Idle hands and all that. Honestly, I might have cramped hands at the end of this but whatevs. I spent zero time on it this weekend by the way. Go Me.

And just a few random snaps of my weekend...

Happy Monday!

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  1. i bullet journal but mine looks NOTHING like that because i've accepted the fact that i'm not creative or artistic. instead, i use actual bullets in my journal - as in in just jot down things i need to track/remember etc in bullet form.

  2. Oh my gosh - happy 18th birthday to your daughter!!! I've been loving seeing all of your food pics from the whole30 this month! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Holy crap that cake looks fabulous. Your daughter is amazing! Hard work in action.

  4. Happy birthday to your daughter!!! She is a beauty and so impressive taking college classes already. Smart girl! That cake sounds amazing and I need to stop thinking about it! That ice picture is so cool!! Our roads were icy as fuck but we didn't get too much of the pretty tree ice like you did. Tomorrow I confess my infractions, oh boy! Haha!

  5. Your daughter is beautiful! You should be very proud.

  6. I started a bullet journal because they all look so pretty & fun. I don't have the time or talent for that. So I basically have a new notebook for lists. Got some sweet pens though. I pinned that cheesecake for sure! Happy birthday to your daughter!