Whole30 Week 3 Update - Back On Track Link Up

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Heyyyyy.... I'm just over here living in leggings and hibernating my January Whole30 away. The real living spree starts in February, out in the world anyway.  How is your reset going? Are you back on track, getting on the course or already off the rails? My week 3 pretty much flew by and was non eventful but let's recap the interesting things that did happen. 


So, one odd thing happened last week, my hunger just kind of disappeared. The feelings of being ravenous and thinking about my next meal or three have completely gone. What I think this really means is that I am no longer obsessively craving things like alcohol, dairy, sugar and grains ... aka wine, cheese, cookies, nachos and pizza . These are my demons and they kill me. I am one of those people that a lot of times will just eat because it's there or it sounds/tastes good, not because I am hungry. This is one of the really big things I have been trying to focus on this round of whole30 and I think it's working. Everytime I think about eating something I am consciously asking myself "are you hungry, like for realz"? Lately the answer is no, and it's weird. I remember this happening to a lesser degree in previous Whole30's but now I am really only eating my 3 meals and very small snacks infrequently. I even skipped a few dinners last week. Not advocating that but I can stand to miss a few meals. For the first couple of weeks I was eating constantly  trying to stay full to keep the cravings at bay but.. no more. Woohoo!


The whole meal prepping thing is totally saving my life right now. I have not really been in the mood to cook after work so making a whole bunch of stuff on Sunday last week was key. My weeknights have been busy as have my workdays so having 5 lunches in the fridge also a lifesaver. I still have not eaten out at all this Whole30!!! Can you believe that? Not even a coffee. At this point in the month I feel totally confident and that's a good thing because I have a meeting on Thursday with catered lunch. I am proud to say that I spoke to the meeting planner today and placed my request for something Whole30 friendly. He didn't even blink and was happy to make sure that I would have a meal to fit my needs. Previously I have opted not to say anything and just eat whatever they were serving. This is a major non scale victory. Knowing what you need to have around you to be successful at home is one thing, being comfortable enough to carry it out into the world is another, at least for me it has been.


One of the things that I am enjoying most this Whole30 is that I am sleeping like a freaking rock and waking up like a everyday is Saturday. And by that I mean happy, refreshed, rested and relaxed. I am not struggling to pry my eyeballs open and clear my head. I am not clamoring to chug the water on my nightstand because I am dehydrated AF. I am not popping an advil with my coffee because one glass of red turned into 3 the night before. I am not fighting to stay awake and focused at work in the afternoon and I am 100% more productive and effective. It's pretty amazing.  


My clothes no longer make me feel like a stuffed sausage about to pop. This one seems to be slower going than in Whole30's past. Maybe that's because I am starting smaller than in the past. Maybe it's just because I am getting older and it's hard as balls to lose actual pounds anymore. Seriously though my tennis clothes, which are supposed to be tight anyway, are actually feeling comfortable and not constricting. I am starting to think about getting the scale out of the cabinet next week with a tiny bit of trepidation. Just to recap, I lost 20 lbs. during my first round and 14 during my second. I don't know what the difference was but I was mildly disappointed with 14 lol, which is pretty insane I know. I am trying very hard not to focus on the numbers at all but I will weigh and measure on day 31 just so I know. I am seriously considering taking my scale to goodwill after this though. I truly believe that unless you're needing to lose a certain amount of weight for a medical procedure or something similar the number on the scale is completely irrelevant. 


Now the big question is how to finish strong but not really finish if you get what I am saying. In 2015 I made it to May before I had a slice of pizza. I still consider that one of my greatest accomplishments. Not really but kinda sorta. In 2016 I am not sure what really happened but basically I fell right off the wagon when life got stressful again a couple months post Whole30. I feel like this year I have done more of the mental and emotional work that I maybe hadn't quite done in the past. I think I have developed some of the tools that I need to achieve some kind of food freedom forever just like the book says. The first big challenge will be Superbowl Sunday. In case ya missed it the Atlanta Falcons are going to the superbowl so there might be a party or two going on around here. I am going to allow myself some drinks but I really don't see the need to mess up the food anytime soon. I really want to wait for something special like one of the restaurants on my list or a special occasion.

So that's where I am right now. One week from today will be my Day 30. I already feel a huge sense of accomplishment and that is very motivating. Part of the problem with falling off the wagon is that the minute you start to fall it gets stuck in your head that you're done and it's over. Conversely it takes a couple of weeks of being on track to really convince yourself that you can do it and that's where I am today. 

Link up with Nadine and I to tell us how you're doing!


  1. that's amazing! when you purge your body of all that crap, you don't crave it anymore so it's no wonder that you dont feel snackish or hungry. you are kicking so much butt.

    sunday meal preps are awful yet life saving...that's when i do all of mine and although it eats up some sunday time, i just put on some music and enjoy the fact that i'm doing something for ME.

  2. Meal prep is everything! Even when I'm not Whole 30, I'm planning and shopping and prepping on Sunday's for the week. I think it's awesome that you've worked on some of the mental and emotional parts of whole 30 this time around! And I bet you'll be pleased on day 30 no matter what the scale says. She's a lying whore most days anyways. Also, go falcons!!!!!

  3. So glad you are feeling great and waking up like that is a perfect way to start the day. Good for you for asking for lunch today!