My Top 10 Staples For Whole 30/Healthy Eating

Monday, January 30, 2017

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I was talking to a girl at work the other day and telling her how much I loved Whole30 and she said "but don't you love wine"? Ummm yes, as a matter of fact I do!! And believe you me I am looking forward to some of that.

But, I have really honestly grown to love the actual Whole30. Does that sound crazy? I know it does a little but I personally love having really strict rules imposed upon me for the 30 day reset phase. I don't' want to think. I don't want to have to weigh, measure, count macros, calories, figure out percentages or pee on a stick and make it turn purple. No. Just tell me what I can't have. Keep it simple. Don't tell me what I can have in moderation because moderation is not my thing. I'm either all in or all out. Yes you can eat it or no you can not. Thanks.

The other thing that's cool about Whole30 that really melts my ghee (see what I did there) is that if it's on the yes list you an eat as much as you want. I'm serious. And before anyone freaks out that I just said you can eat 10 pounds of bacon a week if you want, although that is technically true it really won't happen. You can eat as much of the good stuff as you want but in reality you won't go crazy on it trust me.

I have 2 more days left in this, my third round of Whole30. Yikes!!! I am about to start the really hard part... again, the re-introduction phase. Crap. I have to start thinking again. There are some things that have really worked for me during this round and over the course f the last 2. My recurring favorites if you will. I thought I would share a few with you today because I reach for them over and over again when I am trying to stay on track. I find if I always have my essentials on hand I can make better choices even when I am not on Whole30. I recommend figuring out what your essentials are and doing the same. I think sometimes just seeing one of these items is a bit of a mental trigger for me that says "hey... I'm good, pick me".

LaCroix Water - I like drinks, especially with alcohol. Since those are off limits for Whole30 and anytime you are trying to achieve maximum health I have adopted LaCroix water as my go to mocktail. It comes in tons of amazing flavors and if you add a splash of 100% juice, a few berries or a wedge of citrus you've got yourself a refreshing zero calorie treat. I go through about 12 or 18 a week but it's water so...

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Whole30 Mayo - I never thought I would say mayonnaise would be something I couldn't live without but yeah, true story. Not just any mayo but the Whole30 Mayo that you make yourself is something I reach for just about every day it seems. It is the base for  any type of sauce you can think of and also Dump Ranch which is the bomb. My personal favorites are Frank's Red Hot for a buffalo sauce or just straight fresh horseradish. Side note, I use an immersion blender now and make it right in a quart size wide mouth mason jar, not in my food processor, but you could do either.

Guacamole. I pretty much eat this or some form of avocado at least every other day. I put it on chicken, burgers, sweet potato nachos, lettuce wraps,  dip my veggies in it, it goes with everything. I love the Goodfoods brand they sell in singles and tubs at Costco. I guess I could make my own but why? I think all this good fat may be the reason my hair looks so awesome right now.

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Kirkland Almond Butter is like having coffee in the morning to me. I can't really live without it Whole30 or not. Truth be told I use this in place of something sweet and I know that is kind of a no no but I don't give a shit. It works for me when I am craving a cookie or a piece of chocolate or a cheesecake so it's a keeper!

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Horseradish might be kind of a weird one for some but I grew up on it. Being Polish we always had it around the holidays especially but, it's kind of like ketchup, it's a basic condiment. I love it on any kind of protein especially burgers and sausage. It makes an amazing sauce when you mix it up with some Whole30 mayo too! Just make sure you buy real ground horseradish and not the prepared or creamed variety. If you have a cold just eat a spoonful and your sinuses will be all good!

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Raw Nuts are my go to snack food. I am a huge salty snack food person. Chips, crackers, pretzels... those are the things I would reach for first if I could eat anything and be healthy. I started buying everything raw so I could roast, salt and season my own. Nuts are super filling and I like to portion them out for the day so I know if I get a little hungry I have a bag or two in my purse or work bag. I also love them on my fruit in the morning. You can overdo them though and if you are really trying to eat for weight loss I would recommend going easy on the nuts. If not, have at em!

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Eggs. I mean any sort of Paleo or Primal eating plan is heavy on eggs. Good thing I like them. I do get sick of them for breakfast but let's face it, it's about the easiest thing you can do in the morning so sometimes I just choke one or two down to get some quick easy protein in. Deviled are my fave because the options for what you put in them are endless. I love pickles, horseradish, bacon and Frank's Red Hot.

Bacon is life. I make bacon several times a week for breakfast and for snacks. If you can get something like Pederson's that is ideal but I buy Kirkland brand as well because it has no added sugar and it comes in a 4 pack. Bulk bacon is even better. I also save the fat and reuse it for cooking. If you are spending all the money on top quality pork with no hormones, antibiotics, sugar or nitrates don't throw the fat away... cook with it!!!

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Frank's Red Hot is also a no brainer. I like spicy so I basically do "put that shit on everything".
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Chicken Sausage is another one I can't live without. When you are short on time it's perfect to pull out of the freezer. It's a great portion size for weekday lunches too. Add a couple of veggies and you're done. I love all of the Aidells flavors but Chicken Apple is the bomb! Split one open and load it up with some fresh sauerkraut, onions and mustard and you'll kind of feel like you are at the ballpark, kind of.

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Honorable Mention: Coconut Milk is another one of those things that you can also do a lot with. It is a main ingredient of my beloved Dump Ranch and I have been using it to make my chia pudding. I would have a hard time getting by without it, it's so, so good!!

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So those are the products that get me through my Whole30's and pretty much any time I am really focused on eating as healthfully as possible. As I always say the key to success for any long term health goal is to surround yourself with the things you need to be successful... plan and keep whatever works for you at the ready!


  1. You're pretty much a pro at this point!! I love La Croix water & of course red hot so I'm glad those are both whole 30 compliant if I ever try to do it! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. my FIL makes his own horseradish and they love it. They pile that shit on errting! I tried it and goddamn, that shit is strong; went straight to the back of my skull like wasabi.

    I love me some gauc! I make mine because I'm too cheap to buy pre-made and one of my deals with my husband to get the Vitamix (he had been working on me to buy one for six years but wtf, $400 for a BLENDER?!), was that he had to make me almond butter ANYTIME I wanted with NO complaints. Almond butter here is $12/jar....I can make 20 times that amount for $7 (a giant bag of unsalted, roasted almonds).

  3. Mmm I need to keep Horseradish on hand!!! I always love dishes that come with it at restaurants...which are all no nos on Whole 30 so it would be nice to create some at home I can have with it. Guac, coconut milk and nuts are all things I can't live without either! I saw those chicken apple sausage things at Target this weekend. I will pick them up next week because faking myself into thinking it is a hot dog would be the best thing ever!

  4. okay, i love guac but hate making my own, so i will have to check out the costco stuff. i love cooking with coconut milk, so good!