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Thursday, January 19, 2017

32 Funny Quotes Sure To Make You Smile:

Hello, I was going to do a confessions sort of thing yesterday then I got sidetracked by my bullet journal on Tuesday night. So today is your lucky day for random things in my head and in my life.

I drank a shot of apple cider vinegar Wednesday morning. I did. Ok, I mixed it with water and held my nose and drank it so not exactly a shot but still. I have been reading for years about all of the benefits of it so I figured why not try it out? Disclaimer, it tastes fucking horrible and my stomach felt a little queasy afterward but other than that no issues. Among about a billion other things it helps weight loss so seems like as good a time as any to give it a shot. Anyone do this?

I deleted my Bumble profile the other day. I had been talking to 3 or 4 guys  and I just decided to shut that shit down. This one, seemingly normal dude in an appropriate age range, invited me to go here with him on a first date and I was like you know what? I'm out. A Korean sauna. What? No. Goodbye.

I swear to God if I say I am going to start online dating again anytime in the near future someone please just message me the words "Korean sauna." Thanks.

I am really annoyed with people that keep telling me carbs are good, fat is the devil and that I need to track macros. Ok, it's my daughter. My 18 year old daughter and possibly her 18 year old boyfriend thinks she knows more than I do. I generally don't get annoyed by that but when it comes to food, diets, healthy eating... sorry but I have like 35 years of experience here. Teens are annoying. Payback is a bitch.

Speaking of my healthy eating experience, You guys know how I'm a fancy donut connoisseur?  I am both happy and irritated that the recently crowned "best donut in Atlanta" is coming to my section of the burbs. Damn it to hell but Sarah Donuts is opening up a store like a minute from my house. This is the one that they are famous for, the Sunflower. Ugh. It's so pretty though.

Image result for sarah donuts

Just when I think they can't make anymore shows that will suck the ever loving life out of my soul and make me cry, they do this. Anyone else?

Image result for this is us

I am starting to have that panicky feeling that I will step on the scale in 2 weeks and there will be no progress. Kind of like this. I died...

I am supposed to be all full of Tiger Blood this week and feeling all invincible at this point in the Whole30 and I am kind of blah. I think I am starting to get a little stir crazy. I haven't been to any of my places or out with my squad in weeks. I am missing muh fraands. I'll resurface in a few weeks, till then I am laying low.

Happy Thursday!!


  1. hahahah teens! they think they know it all. i remember being one of those teens and i look back now and think "my god, i was a fucking idiot back then".

    i have ACV regularly -- i made salad dressing with it. instead of balsamic, i use ACV :)

  2. Ah, 18...when we think we know everything but really know nothing. Now, almost 40...I don't think I know anything but I actually do know some things.

    MFD drinks ACV regularly - but use Bragg's or something with The Mother in it, not just the off brand from the grocery store.

  3. I love This Is Us! So good.

    Lol I just started online dating again & I definitely have those moments of "why the hell am I doing this?!"

  4. That doughnut looks yummy! I've heard good things about 'This Is Us'. I need to set out a day to binge watch it.