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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

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Day 16 of my January Whole30 journey is here today which means I have officially passed the half-way-there mark and I am now on the down hill side of the journey. Not really if I am looking at the big picture but I'm not, I am really mostly focused right now on the Whole30 aspect of it. The past week was really good for me. I won't bore your with the blow by blow everyday recap but just give you the highlights!

Food - I have been pretty consistent with my cooking and planning. I spent 4 hours roughly this past Sunday making a crap ton of things so I don't have to do much this week. As much as I get cranky pants about it, it is so worth it not to have to think or be tempted to eat out or order in. I still have not eaten out!! I hope I can make it the whole month. I only had one day last week that I didn't bring enough food to work and was really hangry. Other than that I seem to be much less hungry than during week one. The junk cravings have stopped. Speaking of cravings, here's a good way to test if you are really hungry or not. Ask yourself "am I hungry enough to eat a plate of broiled fish and steamed broccoli?". If the answer is yes, you are truly hungry, if the answer is no you are just craving. I have been using this strategy and oddly, it works. On another food note I did get thru 2 tennis matches this week that required me to be around people drinking and eating. I brought some LaCroix and ate before my matches so all I grabbed off the buffet table was one banana per match. Success.

Emotions - This goes right hand in hand with the cravings for me. I had 2 instances this week where I got stressed/angry/anxious over something and my first thought both times was I can't wait to get home and have a glass of wine and a nice snack. Emotional eating. I know I do this but catching myself in the moment was kind of weird, like omg, that is really where my mind just went automatically. Not good. On a positive note, I have been practicing just taking 4 or 5 deep breaths and getting settled inside and usually within the hour or less not only does the anxiety or feeling dissipate but so does the craving.

Exercise - I played tennis 3 times this past week so that's something. My new coach is really good and my Thursday night lesson required a follow up Epsom salt bath just for my feet. He has a us running a lot and the constant stopping and starting is brutal after taking the last 6 weeks of the year off. I tend to focus less on working out during the Whole 30, I just really want to get the food part under control and ramp up the physical part next month.

Other Awesome Side Effects ...

I am saving money. Yes, even on top of all of the organic, fancy pants specialty things I have been treating myself too which are not cheap, I am still saving hand over fist by not eating out at all or drinking alcohol. I know this is not a surprise but couple that with my general spending freeze and I am feeling like I have a second job.

I have been super productive. No napping or couch slobbing at night or on the weekend. I got shit done and I wasn't even tired.

I'm reading every night again or working on my blog or bullet journal. I'm less distracted and more focused. All of this is enabling me to sleep a lot better and wake up feeling rested.

My nasal congestion is gone. For months at work I was having sneezing and sniffling attacks every morning about an hour after I got in. To the point where people would walk by my desk and ask if I had a cold. All. The. Time. And I hardly ever get colds. I do however like  adding cream to my morning coffee and eating cheese like they are not making anymore. Boom, no dairy, no problem. This is a glorious thing!

So that is about it for last week. I expect this week to be even better. My clothes are feeling a bit looser and if memory serves this will be the week when that really starts becoming more obvious, at least to me.

How are you doing with your January goals? Link up with Nadine and I and tell us about your journey to get Back on Track!! Cheers!


  1. That's why I need to meal prep... benefits of health AND money. Double whammy.
    Oh man, I miss tennis. I have bicep tendinitis in my tennis arm & cant play anymore. Love that sport so much.

  2. Your meal prepping game and not eating out are going strong!!! All the high fives!!! All the "other" side effects of whole 30 are just as good as any weight you lose. So awesome!!

  3. isn't it crazy how food affects us? just cutting out the bad shit and you stopped sniffling/sneezing etc. the second i eat grain, my eczema comes back with a vengence!