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Thursday, July 30, 2015

This was supposed to be a humpday confessions post and it has turned into a Thursday thoughts post because Tuesday night I spent half the night helping my friend try to fix my washer and maybe drinking beer on my deck... more on that later. So this is just some stream of consciousness confessing, musing, rambling,blah, blah, blah,  etc.

Can I just confess that every time I sit down to write something lately I just really hope that I can write something amazing and I just stare at the screen? Also I keep trying to organize my thoughts into topics for future posts and then... nothing happens. Actually that's not entirely true, I usually then open a bottle of wine and start playing Candy Crush or watching a Catfish marathon and ignore my blogging efforts altogether.But I did make it here today so there is that.

My 2 youngest kids came home on Sunday from almost 2 weeks with their Dad. I missed them terribly and although I love my Mom hiatuses I am glad they are back... until his weekend rolls around again and then ... See-Ya!!! My 16 year old was with me the entire 2 weeks and yes we had fun but ugh... having her privy to my comings and goings... Amy does not like this. One night she was actually rushing to make her 11:00 p.m. curfew and got home to find me not even there. Never mind where I was but she did call to check on me. WTF is wrong with this picture??? Still, I have good kids. Not complaining. But still.

Remember how my washing machine broke? Well my man friend diagnosed it and I ordered the part so he could fix it. I decided to risk it and not pay the $20 for expedited shipping (that's like ten $2 drafts at my favorite bar right?... priorities). Guess what? The Universe shined down on me and it got shipped 2-Day Priority Mail for no extra moolah!!! The fixing unfortunately is not going as well as planned. There is either a thong or a sock stuck somewhere in it I am convinced. Round 2 tonight, keep your fingers crossed, I have about 20 loads of dirty laundry piled up.

As a blogger I hate saying things like "sorry I wasn't here yesterday " because really, I know you are busy and I don't presume that you will always ever notice my absence from this place but I notice. I have been mentally not all there lately and running hither and yon every night it seems... which is when I like to write. Couple that with new job being much busier than the old one and summer and some new friends to hang out with and you just get less blog time. I am really hoping that when the kids head back to school we, mainly me, can get some routine back! Ugh... one more week.

My eating for this last 6 weeks of summer has been pretty atrocious too. I would say 50-50 if I want to be honest. And trust me the 50% crap part is making me feel like total shit. I have been pretty active so I haven't gained any weight/inches back but I need to stop. Hello August, you are going to be my bitch as far as food goes. 30 days of serious 80-20 or 90-10 until my birthday in September. Possibly a second Whole30, have not decided if I can truly commit to that yet.

I finally bit the bullet and hired some landscapers to come and do a major cleanup in my yard this weekend. I got a nasty-gram from my homeowners association so I guess it's time. I HATE yard work and with the heat we have been having "a little trimming" is not enough. Everything is covered in new growth in a week. So it's all getting chopped in half or yanked out on Sunday. And by the way... FU homeowner's association, you can still suck a bag of dicks.

And that's about it for today!!!

Cheers folks!

Party Weekending

Monday, July 27, 2015
I'm never going to sleep early again..

Here we are again on a Monday... ugh. I had a great weekend and a busy one at that. Friday night I had the best of intentions to come home and cook for my party on Saturday and get to bed early. Well, as they say, best laid plans sometimes go awry. I did come home and get to party food prepping and I got most of it done too... and then I got the text. You know the one from your friend that says please come here, to the bar where there is live music, cold beer, pizza and me. Duh, ok you had me at pizza. Actually I did not eat the pizza but a few cold ones were on the menu. That led to a much later evening than was originally planned but definitely worth the lack of sleep! I'll sleep when I'm dead I guess is the saying right? Or on Sunday afternoon works  for me too.

Saturday I did a little shopping with my 16 year old which is always fun. We went to our favorite local candle shop Juls where they make and sell the most amazing candles you have ever smelled in your life. I just don't buy any others if I can help it. She uses all essential oils in her candles and one will literally scent your whole house. Go check out her website here and order some, they are like nothing else out there!

I also splurged and treated myself to this... the new Urban Decay Naked Smoky palette. And it is gorgeous! Can't wait to watch a million tutorials and take my smokey eye game to the next level. Love this.  

Beauty News: Urban Decay Smokey Palette - UK Release

The rest of Saturday flew by and I had my most epic of parties yet for my tennis team end of season celebration. I didn't take nearly enough pics because beer, but there was great food, lots of beer pong, giant fireworks (yes we are rednecks at heart) loud music, and a drive by form the County sheriff. Not even lying, we were a little obnoxious with the mortars but... YOLO. That lasted till the wee hours of the morning with various folks camped out on my sofas and extra beds because driving home drunk from my house is not allowed. Sunday morning we cleaned up and goofed around until 12:30, when they can legally serve alcohol on Sunday in GA, and headed to our favorite brunch spot for a much needed Bloody Mary and some amazing Crab Benedict. And the rest of the day was spent napping and watching Netflix and not much else, which was amazing!!!

My chalkboard wall makes a nice welcome sign. And everyone got to add a little something too. 

My new favorite brunch.


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Humpday Confessions & Hashtags

Wednesday, July 22, 2015
Humpday is upon us once again so what can I confess? 

Blake & Miranda got divorced. Honestly I don't care. I predicted this months ago when she won 27 awards at the CMA's or whatever and never thanked her husband once. Who does that??? Someone who's getting a divorce. On the plus side Blake Shelton is back on the market. Blake... call me. #youcanrideinmylittleredwagon

I confess it's so freaking hot in Atlanta right now I hate it. I want to do things outside but seriously this happens after like 5 minutes out there. I sweat like a guy, this is not good. My hair only looks dry at work and that's a damn shame. #perpetualswampass #sweatinglikeamofo #shirleyyoucantbeserious

Is anyone watching RHONY? I confess I love that even though these ladies are hella loaded they are pretty much like my friends and I. Countess Louann is the shit this season bringing home strange men on vacation again. Pretty sure she is my fake french countess spirit animal. #cringeworthy #ikindaloveit #teamlou #becoolhunnybunny

Did you know this? I confess that I did not. I thought it was one person playing the role. #huh #hurryupseasonfour

So this week my washing machine broke because, you know, the universe hates me and nothing bad has happened to me since I got that speeding ticket last month.

Good news is one of my guy friends just happened to be here when it happened... and knows how to fix it.... and as soon as I get the part he has volunteered to do that for me. And I will make him dinner. #beatscookingforthemaytagrepairman 

Happy Humpday Bitches!

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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Hey friends... It took me a whole extra day to get myself together, download some pics and think about a weekending post of some sort. It was another jam packed 3 days of fun for me. I Kicked it off with ladies night with some of my best neighborhood girls. We have all been so busy it was really good to catch up, drink wine, eat some yummy snacks and laugh. We have all known each other for so long we have lots to laugh at every time we get together. I maintain that it is one of the best forms of therapy and another recurring theme for me this summer. 

Trying to teach the goofballs about the perfect selfie angles... they were horrible students.

Saturday was pretty low key. Out to late lunch with some friends and back to my deck for a little more hanging out and an early night. Sunday was Kid Rock with my ex-sister in law. Oddly but thankfully we have been able to maintain a friendship over the years post divorce and we try to get together every so often. I bought these tickets months ago as is my standard when I want to go to a concert... buy 2 and figure it out later. So I invited her and she was thrilled. Foreigner opened and they were awesome. Kid Rock was insanely good. I have been a huge fan for years since we grew up in the same place and his music is just so good, but I have never seen him live. Welp... I just added him to my list of artists that I will see whenever he tours. He was that good and I DON'T say that about everyone but he was. The people watching was in-freaking-sane and I hope you follow me on Snapchat because I had lots of material. Red neck rock and roll never disappoints!!! It was about 9000 degrees and a million percent humidity, brings about some very interesting wardrobe choices. Seriously, if you are a fan of his go see him live, amazing performance!!!

That's Kelly Hansen  popping up in the middle of the audience on a platform in the middle of Juke Box Hero. That and I Wanna Know What Love Is were my favorite foreigner moments. Too good!

Can't even begin to choose a favorite Kid Rock moment... the whole show was my favorite of the summer. 

The $20 Ticket Cheap Date Tour

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!!

Friday Favorites

Friday, July 17, 2015
Here we are again... wait what? How is it Friday yet again. Seriously??? I have no tennis this weekend and I don't even know if I have kids yet. We are officially in the fly by the seat of your pants portion of the summer trying to squeeze every last drop of fun out of it. But on the other hand I am totally longing for one of the weekends when I come home on Friday to an empty house and don't leave again until Monday morning to head back to work. Not this weekend, but soon! Let's get to some faves with Amanda.


It's another concert weekend up in hurrr. Sunday night I will be hanging with my Detroit homeboy so I predict another blogging absence on Monday cause I'm good but not that good and I will likely not get it done in advance. Oh well, can't wait to see this American Badass!!


Is anyone else addicted to The Last Ship and the hotness that is Eric Dane??? How did I not know about this before. I am hooked!


As a woman and an athlete I was so overwhelmed by the ESPY's this year. I get a genuine lady boner from world class athletes, both men and women, and this year on prime time TV. Damn... it's about time we honor athletes and not ridiculous celebrities and public figureheads that have never really done anything of worth. It also served as a reminder that they are real people too with real life problems and struggles. The story of Devon Still's daughter Leah and her courageous battle with cancer about broke my heart. If you didn't see this part go watch it. His dedication as a father was absolutely inspiring.



I know I lament about money all the time but make no mistake, it is not the solution to everything. However, it can buy me a boat. It could buy me a truck to pull it. It could buy me a Yeti 110 iced down with some Silver Bullets... uh huh...  Diggin this tune.


Speaking of Yeti's I am totally coveting this one. I did not know that they had a collegiate line. If you don't know what these are they are very popular in the south because ice does not melt inside a Yeti. No for real, you can camp for like a week and still have ice. I don't camp for a week but apparently it's a thing. They are also very pricey but you don't have to buy more bags of ice so it's kind of a wash in about 10 years or so. Get your Yeti Here.


This is just some funny shit right here. Meet regular Mike, he built a spice rack. Make sure you watch the whole thing!

I love the Mom of the Year gifs.

28 People Who Should Have Thought Twice

My dog does this all the time... #dead

Funny .GIFs ~ creepy dog stares at woman

Me...Trying to get a blog post done this summer so I can go out with my friends..

Funny .GIFs ~ Kermit the frog typing wildly on the Muppet Show

Why do I feel like B could actually do this... seems totally legit.

Beyonce puss a pizza from her hair ~ Funny gifs

Have a great one people!!!

Thursday Confessions On Being A Slacker

Thursday, July 16, 2015
Oh hey... as my descent into the Summer of 2015 Debauchery continues it has occurred to me that the party is about to come to an abrupt end. My kids go back to school in 3 weeks... from today. 

This means that my lazy weekday mornings where I get to just get myself up, make my own lunch, get ready and out the door are O.V.E.R. My nights out playing tennis and bar hopping will also likely come to an end as the tiny humans will be back at my house full time 24/7, non-stop, day in and day out. Do I sound excited? Y'all .. I love my kiddoes but not gonna lie...summer time schedules are the shizzzz. And also since their Dad is worthless as far as financial support I have zero guilt that they spend as many hours as humanly possible with him during the summer. He can feed them and provide for their needs for a few months every year. Unless they need to go to the doctor, then I step in a la last weekend. But that is another story.

I love being a Mom and a responsible individual cough cough but I literally feel like I have been on vacation for the last 6 weeks. And unfortunately or fortunately depending on how you look at it I have not been here as much. But on the plus side I have been out living life and this summer has been pretty damn awesome so far. On the minus side I have abdicated a few of my adult responsibilities because ... lezbihonest...I hate them.

My yard looks like shit. It looks nice immediately after my teenage boy neighbor cuts it but the beds are out of control due to large amounts of rain and ungodly hot temperatures which apparently weeds like.

I have been paying the bills and I got one big one paid off... OMFG this is excellent news... but the ones I need to fight with have taken a back seat. Comcast I am looking at you, ya fucktards. Come at me bro. I have been a customer for 15 years, why must we fight every year on our anniversary???

My weekend diet has been pretty much a shitshow of beer, wine and salads & pizza for the last 6 weeks. I have been pretty good M-F but between Friday happy hour and Monday morning I can honestly say you probably made better choices in college. Do I regret one chip, shot, slice of pizza or bloody Mary? A thousand times no. Balance is key though. And I need to reign it in. Whole30 Round 2 is coming. Stay tuned...

What else can I confess?? Well actually the party won't officially be over for a few more weeks when I will be hosting the most epic party of the summer. Resetting the party juju in my house for the first time in a long time. Stay tuned for that too...
Happy Thursday!

Wimbledon Weekending

Monday, July 13, 2015
So it was a quick kid less weekend for me... at least it seemed to go by very quickly. Friday night I met my friends out for some drinks at our usual spot and we hung for a bit even though we all had to be up at the crack of dawn or 9:00 on a Saturday for tennis. That came early by the way, but it was my best match of the season. I won, in 3 grueling sets for 3 hours, a little hung over but a win and my first of this horrible loser season! Felt really good! 
Speaking of tennis, Wimbledon also finished up this weekend. Serena killed it and Novak Djokovic won the men's final. I am not a huge Serena fan so ... meh. And I know Djokovic (aka Joker) is also known as a  bit of a dick but I love him.He's a Serb and so am I, my grandmother and her sisters would be proud. I grew up playing and watching the greats! Borg, Connors, McEnroe, Lendl, Becker, Agassi. I just love the sport. And the gorgeous men who play it, not gonna lie. They are like athletic Gods, especially at Wimbledon in the traditional whites. 

Other than tennis this weekend there was a little bit of pizza, wine, beer, food, friends and fun. Ava had swimmers ear that turned into an ear infection so there was an unexpected trip to the minute clinic on Sunday too. Notice Mom sporting sunglasses but getting the job done... cause that's how I roll, my weekend or not. We celebrated her first ear infection in 9 years with sushi... not pictured cause she ate it.  It was a fun low key weekend, marked by very few pictures because... living with people. Hope you all had fun times!


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Summertime Friday Faves...

Friday, July 10, 2015
Bora Bora Sunset. I would like to enjoy the beauty of this seemingly enchanting area of land mass, on this amazingly enlightening planet we call Earth which we inhabit for such a short period of time.

Welcome to my favorite day of the week and possibly favorite post of the week too. This week started off a little draggy but picked up speed. The week after a short holiday week always sucks the big one if you ask me. Looking forward to a super hot weekend here with a high a of 95 tomorrow. Perfect timing for my last tennis match of the mixed season. On the plus side I will sweat off a few pounds in water for sure. Kidless weekend for me so who knows what other hijinks will be had. But lets get to the faves with Amanda to kick this one off...


First... this. I am a little partial because this was done by my personal artist and fave who just packed it up and moved it to Denver leaving us in Atlanta very, very sad.. Just look at this... the colors... I am really leaning more and more toward the muted, darks for my next piece instead of black lines. If you live in Denver go see him at 'Til Death Denver. You will not be disappointed. He's super talented and he just keeps getting better.

Displaying Screenshot_2015-07-09-12-27-10.png


Turkey Taco Lettuce Wraps. Saw this recipe this week at Cooking Classy and it looks like exactly what I have been craving, which is pretty much  always tacos. Gonna take a stab at this for Sunday dinner with the kids I think. Full recipe here.

Turkey Taco Lettuce Wraps by cookingclassy #Lettuce_Wraps #Turkey #Taco #Light


Don't hate... it's a good song. I also want  the green couch and the jeans she's wearing. 


I am obsessed with lace that has nude underneath for the illusion. This dress from Anthro couldn't be sexier in Navy. Also a little obsessed with navy and nude shoes. This would be perfect!


I know, I am a horrible, horrible Mom but, I died. 

Always Listen To Your Parents  // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - #lol #humor #funnypictures

More fun on the old escalator of death... but she gets that croc back on. 

15 Embarrassing Moments You Can Laugh About Now

The dummy in your bed prank... classic

Prank #5: The Dummy In Your Bed

I love this one... oh if only I had roommates again. 

Prank #7: The Hand

Summer pool pranks...

Prank #10: Pool Dive

Watch the yellow balls...

22 People Who Should Stay Away From The Beach For A While

Have a great weekend everybody!