Humpday Confessions & Hashtags

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Whew... how is it Wednesday already???  My kids are with Dad this week so I am getting a bit of a break. Did I mention how much I love summer?

Confession time... Here we go....

I'm starting to realize that it's kind of a sucky but necessary thing to sometimes dump some crappy friends and keep some of the truer ones. Like E-ssential really. I feel like the people who I want to be around really know what I need when I need it and there is just no bullshit. This makes life easier. #ifyoureallyknewme #youdbringthewine #andshutup

I confess sometimes I spend too much time, or at least I have, thinking about the dumb mistakes I have made in relationships. Newsflash... this is stupid. Leave that shit in the past. #preachjudd #wastedlove #godijustwishicouldgetitback

When I talk to my ex lately I really truly feel not much more than pity. I mean I still get angry at his dumbassery but he's trying to tell me all his health problems and I'm just all #idontcare #yupprettymuch #literallyicant

My FOMO is out of control. Good news is most of my friends are out of town for the fourth so I have no idea what I am going to do with myself. maybe stay home and dry out. Or maybe Time to call in the B list friends. #kidding #thereisnoBlist #thatsmystoryandimstickingtoit #dontcallmeillcallyou

I used to entertain a ton when I was married. We had epic parties for no reason at all, holidays, family events, you name it. I have not done that since my divorce, until this summer. It's officially on the books... I'm having a party in July... of epic proportions. Time to invite all my people over and purge the old energy and replace it with some new good party juju. #partyintheusa #partypantson #sagethatshitwithfireball

And that's about all I have to confess today. Oh and I was in a mood so all the gifs are courtesy of St. Elmo's Fire, one of my all time fave 80's brat pack movies. Watch it if you have never seen it...

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Cheers Bitches!


  1. who needs crappy friends? NO ONE, that's who so yes, ditch them because ain't nobody got time for fake shit.

  2. I hate gifs but I love St. Elmo's so it's a wash.

    Bye toxic or crappy friends. No fucks or time given.

  3. Toxic friends need to be dropped, no time for that crap. I am not doing anything major for the 4th either. St. Elmo's Fire was one of the good ones, haven't watched it in forever though.

  4. and this is why I have no friends. Nobody has time for drama or crap.
    I'm not sad about it either.

  5. so uh, whens this party and where is my invite??

  6. Friend breakups are definitely a necessary evil, and it's such a relief once you let them go. And yay for PARTIES! I've been craving some hostin' business but I don't have anything planned yet. I may have to follow in your footsteps!