The Best June Ever

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Sally Lee by the Sea | Happy June 1st!! |

Whoopsy... it's already Tuesday and I am just now getting around to some sort of weekend/month end recap. If you guessed that means I had another good weekend you would be correct. Another weekend that left little time to think about putting together a blog post because I was pretty much eating/drinking/ barhopping/tennis playing my way all over town. Well on Saturday anyway... Sunday was lunch out, errands, naptime, shopping and more tennis because we are trying to get all our fourth of July weekend matches out of the way before the actual 4th.

Friday I cut out of work early and did a little shopping. Lucked into a cute new bag at DSW that reminded me of the one I talked about here for a tiny fraction of the cost... like $39.00 minus an additional $10 with my coupon... STEAL. I met my people for drinks and dinner out rather than going home to an empty house... Sorry Winston. Aaaaand... we ate like pigs because... starving in a bar does not equal good choices. Oh well....

Saturday brought on and off rain causing endless tennis delays which put us squarely back out looking for a place to eat/drink. Bloody Mary's, chips, dip and salsa did the trick. We got the matches played for the most part after the rain moved out. 

Saturday night I ended up out again for a little live music at one of my favorite local spots. Does anyone remember this skit? 

Because I think they were performing in my town Saturday night... and they we pretty good... I love old people and we made fast friends. I will now be an official "Past-tells" groupie. 

Sunday... more eating and drinking... surprise. See why it has taken me two whole days to get to this post? That's a wrap on June and I can officially say it has been the best one I have had in a long time. For a few particular reasons but mostly because it was just about fun. I got what I had to do done but I really took lots of time for me too and it was long overdue!

Hope everyone is having a great week so far!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. so happy that this month was a good one for you! you deserve all the happiness :)

  2. I sense contentment in this post. It's a nice change =)

  3. sounds like you had an excellent month! that snl skit is one of my all time favorites, ever. eat and drinking and bar hopping are some of my all time fav activities!