Friday Favorites

Friday, June 5, 2015

Well Heeeeyyyy!That week went by so fast and I am very glad about that because I am very much looking forward to some fun this weekend and NO RAIN!!! Gonna be present in the moment and honor the place I am in right now. And right now it's time for favorites with Amanda because Friday betches!


I wanted to not like this song but I do... and the exploitation of men in the video makes it even better!


Here is a fun exchange I had with Chad this week. He reads my profile, contacts me and then immediately forgot what was in my profile as to hobbies, interests etc. and wants me to tell him again. Oh and he's crazy... 

See... here is my list, that he wants me to list again. So being the sweet gal that I am I offered to cut and paste it for him so he didn't have top go back and actually read it and come up with a question for me based on my interests. And then I blocked him. I wonder if he's still waiting??? How can you be so fucking lazy???



Loving the dark, muted colors in this piece. So different... 

This is a gorgeous tattoo!!


Feta Stuffed Red bell peppers. Any thing with feta really but yes to this and reasonably healthy. Full recipe here.

Roasted red bell peppers are stuffed with a mixture of feta, Greek yogurt, garlic and parsley. Can't think of a better combination! This is always the WINNER appetizer at parties! -


Bahahahaha..... Sorry... single girls have needs. Pretty much sums it up. Get it here.

All I Want Is Pizza And Hot Sex, I Keep It Simple.     Available as a racer back Tank Top, Baby Doll T-Shirt or Mens Tee Shirt    Aesop Originals brings you the hottest designs from the Streets. We love Tattoos, Skateboarding, and any extreme sport or rockin' beat.


Yes, Dunkin Donuts Chips Ahoy Ice Coffee...

I am laughing waaaayyyy toooooo hard!! lol!

Kimmel's version of mean tweets... I just love her. 

I am totally changing my NetFlix home screen... 

This witty genius.

Look at his face building...

22 Siblings Who Need To Be Stopped

Perfect captioning...

31 GIFs That Will Make You Laugh Every Time

When you actually nail the prank twice without even trying.

31 GIFs That Will Make You Laugh Every Time

Always clear your search bar....

Because you probably always remember to clear your search bar:

Poor Ana.....

Because if you have a tattoo, chances are it's not as bad as this "Ana" tattoo:

Have a great weekend!!!


  1. when i was in a meeting a long time ago (via netmeeting <-- remember that technology?? LOL) this guy was sharing his desktop doing a presentation and when he had to search for something, some foul shit came up when he switched tabs and OMFG EVERYONE SAW. i laughed so hard and had to put myself on mute but everyone already heard me laughing and it was awkwardly silent for the entire time he scrambled to close the window and look for whatever it was he needed HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  2. Chad is LAZY as F. WTH!

    I love the opening quote too.

    Happy weekend!

  3. The girl in the favorite drink, kinda creeps me out. Poor Ana. Dudes are so lazy, how about a conversation! Ugh!

  4. You don't have to be single to want/need that shirt. That's me everyday. And that tattoo is beautiful! So unique.