Weekending A Day Late

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Let go of the past and look forward to writing your future.

Happy Tuesday! It's time for a fresh start... since I missed Monday. But first let's do a little re-cap...

I had a weird Friday night. Next time I say I am going to ask my ex-douchebag for a favor remind me to just not. Because every favor, no matter how small, comes with a giant price tag often resulting in me being upset for several days following. That was my Friday night thank you very much assface. On a positive note, every passing day during one of those situations reaffirms that I made the best decision like ever when I filed for divorce. I do look forward to the day when the emotions attached to all of these feelings are minimal and/or non-existent for me. I'm not there yet but I know that I will be eventually as other things in my life start falling into place little by little. I would say make it hurry up to the universe but I am pretty careful about what I wish for these days.

Enough about the past... Sorry I was MIA yesterday. I have recently been spending more time with a variety of "people" that really don't know about my blogger life, people who also may not be girls. So basically, I find that I am putting my phone down and really engaging rather than taking endless photos of food, dogs, people and places, etc. And I don't hate it. I am always stressed about life in general and sometimes/lately the stress of churning out my regular blog posts with reasonably interesting content has been adding to my stress. So last Sunday night I had dinner with a friend  at Marlow's Tavern and said fuck it when I normally would have been home writing a post for Monday. I think for the next little while I might be here a little more hit or miss but I know you guys all get that so I hope you stick around anyway.

Saturday morning was tennis again which turned into a marathon of all day fun for the second consecutive week in a row. This more than made up for my shitty Friday night... like way more. We did a little post match day drinking, bar hopping and history making triple crown watching. Did you all watch? Sunday was dog park excursion with a new friend and tattoo time at Terminus City Tattoo with my old standby @blackbearwhiskey, who is moving his talented hands to Denver in 2 weeks. If you live there please go check him out and if you live in Atlanta duh, you know where to go. Naturally I had to go see him and tweak a few existing things before he left. We finished up the leaves on my shoulder and touched up a part of my cupcake that healed a lil funky. We may have talked about the beginnings of a design for my next bigger piece when he is back in Atlanta over the holidays... who knows.  Top that off with Shrimp and Grits and Sauvignon Blanc, Netflix and early night night and you have yourself a winner of a weekend right there.

I would have linked up with Biana if I wasn't such a slacker but... oh well. I blame summer... and bloody mary's and tequila... 


  1. Girrrl, tell me more about your Saturday!

    Sorry assface was one Friday...I agree on being wise about what you wish for. We need to go through things in order to get to where we need to be. We can't rush that!

    I'm looking forward to my upcoming vacation as I'll be off from blogging for a week and it'll be awesome.

  2. I totally feel you. I haven't showed up in a week. Blogging takes a back seat to life, always. I love your b&w roses! My girlfriend just showed me her new tattoo this weekend, cherry blossoms and a quote up her ribs and I thought of you and your amazing tattoos. Maybe I need to get on the bandwagon and get one...or two...

    PS I had a dream about you last night. More about it in tomorrow's post, but I thought I better give you a heads up. Please don't be completely weirded out - I mean I'm weirded out, but it must just mean I feel like I know you? haha.

  3. I think summer is the perfect time to sort of step back and really enjoy your time sans blog!!! xo, biana -BlovedBoston

  4. You were on your blog game for quite the run there but I'm glad you're stepping back and enjoying life =)

  5. I used to feel like I stepped away from my blog too much to enjoy the real world, but now days I am embracing everything life throws my way.

    I hope you are having lots of stress free, fun and laughable times with your non woman peoples!

  6. Sorry he made your Friday miserable but hopefully Saturday made up for it. Blogging must always take a back seat to real life!

  7. Ugh sorry he made your weekend great but yay for spending time with boys :) I dont hate that either ;)