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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Well here we are, mid-week again. This one is flying by pretty quickly actually. I had a shit day yesterday. I just did. The ghosts of the past continue to come back to bite me in the ass over and over again. I won't go into great detail but if you've been here for any length of time you know who I am talking about. But let's get to confessing, or venting as the case may be today...

I confess... I was almost in tears yesterday multiple times. I still have those days when everything just gets overwhelming because let's face it, being a single Mom with a deadbeat Dad blows chunks. #deadbeatdadssuckass

When my ex gets some cash and takes my kids shopping and buys them all the stuff I can't afford I want to kill him. Rage ensues... I get to pay all the bills and keep the lights on and he gets to buy cute clothes and toys. #snappedisarealthing #maybeIshouldthrowhisassinjail

Parenting a teen is hard as fuck... I was a horrible teenage girl to my Mom and some days I feel like i am getting the payback. I am trying but jeez, why do 16 year olds think they know everything about every thing? I'm sorry but I have almost died from doing stupid shit in my life multiple times over, listen to me. Learn from me. #youknownothingiknoweverything

I'm so tired of thinking about my next meal 24/7 so that I can stay on track with my goals. Why can't I be one of those people that are just naturally thin and can eat whatever they want. #ihateyouskinnybitches 

So after my shit day yesterday I went and played tennis, sweat buckets and hit balls. It felt great. #sometimesyouneedtohitthings #idhitthat

Is anyone else excited for Magic Mike XXL?

Just curious...

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  1. the sacrifices you make as a parent are not lost on kids; even though they can sometimes be little shits and be so UNGRATEFUL, they do recognize what parents do for them so keep doing what you're're doing great!

    my mom is always saying that how you were as a teen is how your kid(s) will be to you. oh god, i'm in DEEP SHIT.

  2. Kids, especially girls, are so difficult. I applaud you for having them and not losing your mind!

  3. Kids are very hard, and so is being a single parent. Stay strong, they is no NetFlix in jail, or magic Mike.

  4. I just need to watch magic mike gifs all day long.....instant mood improver. That and beating the crap out of tennis balls. Exercise and aggression always seem to do the job ;-)

  5. We all thought we knew everything at that age, didn't we? Only later do you realize you didn't know shit. Age old struggle between teenage girls and their moms.

    I'd totally want to put a deadbeat dad in jail. That shit pisses me the fuck off.