By the Numbers

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

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My good buddy Steph did this post awhile back and I have been wanting to recreate one of my own so here goes nosy biotches...

10 - the number of weeks I have been at my new job and yes, I am still loving it. Like way more than I even thought possible

3 - the number of tennis matches I have played and lost during this summer season... yes 0 for 3 but still having a grand ole time. Brunch drinking game stronger than ever.

1 - the number of siblings I have, an older brother who I wish could bestow upon me some of his wisdom... he got the good decision making gene

6 - the number of hours I burned watching Netflix this last weekend and 0 - the numbers of fucks I give

35 - the official number of pounds I have lost this year and kept off

3 - the number of times I have been really, truly head over heels in love with someone. Sadly none of them worked out...Hoping there is at least 1 more out there for me!

9762 - the approximate number of times I talk to myself everyday

2 - the number of years I have been divorced officially and I am loving life more than ever before

76 & 77 - the ages of my Dad and Mom respectively... ugh... I really don't like this one at all. Watching your parents get old sucks big hairy ball-sack.

29 - my age when I had my first baby, who is now 16... this is a good age to have a first child by the way

300 - the exact number of miles from my front door to Doak Campbell Stadium in Tallahassee, FL home of the Florida State Seminoles. Ready for football season already.

9 - the number of years I swam competitively, that's a lot of  miles in the water

11 - the number of weeks until my birthday which I think is gonna be good this year, just putting it out there now

24 - the number of the day next month when Grandma takes my kids to the beach for a week and I am FREEEEEEEE.... maybe I'll get wined, dined...(not putting that number in here)... yeah... maybe not. But here's hoping.


  1. Yay! I love these.

    I didn't know you were a swimmer!

  2. Hey woman, that's a lot of Netflix. Maybe you should go follow the new blog so you're doing something more productive =)

  3. Hopefully you have one more great love! That is a lot of miles in the pool! Here's to the best year yet!

  4. i love the #35 -- keep up the amazing work and ain't no shame in binge-watching netflix!!