Humpday Confessions and Hashtags

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Happy Humpday! So glad it's Wednesday... halfway there. As usual there are things that are annoying me to no end and I would like to confess how poorly I am handling them so here goes...

The handicap stall at work is my favorite stall. Not just because it's bigger duh, but it's a better location so no one can see thru the stupid cracks in the door. I get legit irritated when the only handicapped person in our office is in there when I need to go. #imgoingtohell

To be fair, I'm not sure what her handicap is other than she walks with a cane and is rather large. She also has buckets, jars and bins of candy and snacks in her cube... #butthatsnoneofmybusiness

I got so bored with the dorky, nerdy, idiots messaging me on POF and asking me the same boring questions. Questions that are clearly outlined in my profile mind you.  I changed my screen name to "CallofBooty" over the weekend in an effort to weed a few of them out. It worked, no one has asked me if I like long walks on the beach and candle lit dinners since. #howdoyoulikemenownerds

Why do men feel the need to challenge women when it comes to sports? Every time I tell a potential date I play a lot of tennis his first response is always "Oh I love tennis, we should play. Don't worry I'll take it easy on you, I'm like a pro!" I had a guy on Monday tell me he had a 120 mph serve. Umm sorry, no you don't unless your name is Rafa Nadal. #justshutup #youannoymebraggart #andalsoiwillkickyourass

I think Caitlyn Jenner is looking better these days than the ex-wife who, in my opinion, was a horrible bitch to him, at least on the show. #karmaisbitchtoo

My tattoo artist is moving to Denver in 2 weeks and I booked some time with him on Sunday to finish one small thing and get something new before he leaves. I am tempted to just say "surprise me"... I'm in a very fly by the seat of your pants type of place. He's so amazingly talented, how bad could it be? #YOLO 

I am so sick of food. I am just not enjoying much of anything lately, not cooking, not making much effort at all but not cheating too badly either. I think I am just being lazy because it takes so much more work to eat healthy. I weighed myself again yesterday just for shits and giggles and still holding steady at 30.5 lb. loss for the year... yay!!! Now if I could just buckle down and get to the business of losing a little more. Seriously why can't I just be one of those people that never gets hungry. For like six months or so. #notsickofnachos #pizza #orbeer

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  1. i don't know much about the jenner family but caitlyn is way better looking than the wife which is hilarious. i dont feel like eating much these days either, esp with the hot weather...all i want to do is drink watermelon martinis!

  2. who could be sick of nachos - or beer - hahaha

    And Karma - yup----

    And I swear to god - the callofbooty thing - I can't. I spit out my water

  3. I always love the none of my business gif! haha

  4. I really want to be one of those people that doesn't get hungry too. I mean it would be nice to just not be hungry 24/7. #issues. And I get confused when "big" people get to have a handicap sticker - I'd be judging the extra candy and treats in her cube too.

  5. I also use the handicap stall at work and Idgaf. I do what I want.

  6. I get lazy with cooking in the summer. I get lazy with life in the summer.

    That lady might be big because of a disease we can't see. I know too many people these days with invisible fucked up shit going on in their bodies to judge that anymore. I do hate when someone is in my stall when I go to the bathroom (I always use the first stall).

  7. Nachos never get old. The heat totally makes me not want to eat anything either.

  8. And I'm probably going to hell for laughing at your first couple of statements, but then again I already am for a number of other reasons lol. But seriously, I rely on that large handicap stall especially when this bitch needs to change into her workout gear ahead of time. If it's in use when I need it...shit is going to go down. And cooking during the summer? Nope. Can't I just wander off to a neighbor's yard where they're grilling? lol